New SMS Channel SARVAMOOLA Launched

Hare Srinivasa!

As you are aware Nanganallur Madhwa Vijaya team in Chennai celebrated their mangala karyakrama recently in the divine presence of Shri Pejawar Swamiji in the month of July 2011. In continuation of that, the team is leaving for the very holy place for Madhwas, the Pajaka Kshetra next week to do the samparpana of the great maha kavya Sumadhwa Vijaya in the holy feet of Shriman Madhwacharyaru. 

When the revered Pejavar Swamiji visited Yathi Traya Sannidhana, Nanganallur for the Mangala program, one great thing happened and it was the initiation of Sarvamoola paata for us by Swamiji Himself. We were very fortunate to have the Sarva Moola paata initiation that too by the Pejawar Swamiji. He was gracious to heed to our request and started the paata of Acharya’s Sadachara Smriti by teaching us the first stanza.

Sri Murali Achar

Sri Muralidhara Tenkillaya Achar

Thats not all. After srigalu made the beginning there were lot of events that followed in quick succession. Subsequently Palimar Swamiji taught us the Tatva Sankhyana grantha during his visit for the Mahapooja. Now the Sarvamoola paata is continuing every sunday evening at the Parimala Mantapa by our respected achar and guru Sri Muralidhara Tenkillaya Achar who taught us the Madhwa Vijaya. We are very glad to note that our Achar is accompanying us for the historic SMV mangala trip to Pajaka Kshetra. 

The following granthas from Sarvamoola is complete:

  • Dwadasha Stotra
  • Anu Bhaashya
  • Sadachara Smruthi

The following granthas are initiated and paata is going on now:

  • Tathwa Sankhyana
  • Tathwa Viveka
  • Jayanthi Nirnaya
  • Mayavaada Khandana

In order to ensure that the details on Achar’s Sarvamoola paata every weekend is communicated to all the members and others who are willing to join and learn, a new Google SMS channel by the name SARVAMOOLA is created. As we all felt that in the changed environment with the TRAI regulations on SMS distribution, Google SMS channel is the best delivery mechanism that will help in our objective of effectively sending the communication across to the interested members. Also we are enthused by the recent LHVSNEWS Success story wherein we have 750+ members in a year’s time and this channel very much meets our objective and provides ease of use.

Channel Objective:

The main objective of this SMS channel is listed below in the order of priority:

1) To send the details like date and timings of Achar’s Sarvamoola paata

2) Inform the members of the upcoming Sumadhwa Vijaya parayana details(during the first weekend or due to any habba/aradhana day in SRS Mutt)  

3) In the larger interest to benefit all, details on planned/ongoing Pravachana program that is happening in our Parimala Mantapa will also be sent through this channel.

You are encouraged to join this group and we invite you to participate in the sacred Sarvamoola paata and get the blessings of Hari Vayu Gurugalu.

Subscribe Options:

To Join SARVAMOOLA SMS Channel and receive FREE notifications on Achar’s Paata/Parayana/Pravachana details, please select one of the following options:

(1) If you have Gmail ID, please click the link below to subscribe online:

(2) Please send one SMS from your mobile with the message “ON SARVAMOOLA” (without quotes) to 09870807070

  [ after ON leave one blank space and type SARVAMOOLA ]

Note: In case your mobile number is registered with TRAI’s DND list, please send one SMS as “START 6” to 1909. Here too without quotes.

     On a side-note, this article happens to be the 100th post in this blog in a year’s time. I am glad that such a milestone post is on Acharya’s Sarvamoola and nothing else. First it is a great gift from almighty that we are born in as Madhwa. And as a Madhwa, it is our duty to board the Sarvamoola train at the earliest to go forward and not to waste any moment. “Acharyah Srimadhacharyaha santu me janma janmani” as per this quote, let us all pray the Vishwa Guru Shriman Madhwacharyaru to bless us and do anugraha such that we sail steady in this great ocean of knowledge and attain His grace and finally Moksha!.  

A special note of thanks to all the readers of this site for all the 28000+ hits so far and those 53 subscribers of this blog!! 

||  Sri Krishnaarpanamastu  ||


6 responses to this post.

  1. Hearty Congratulations on your 100th Post. Also great to see your site have got 28000+ visitors. Great Job. Continue your Dvaita prachara work. May Hari Vayu Guru bless their anugraha to you and your family.


  2. namaskaragalu usefulll informationn in ur site


  3. […] on the upcoming Gita Malika and other Pravachana programs that are happening in Nanganallur, please CLICK HERE to subscribe to SARVAMOOLA SMS […]


  4. Posted by radhakrishna on June 8, 2012 at 5:34 am

    many many thanks being a madhwa one must appreciate sarva moola patha of great acharya madhwaru taken in right direction


  5. Posted by prakash on September 3, 2012 at 4:42 pm

    Hi congrates for on your 100th post.i proud to say all pravachanas change my am searching new pravachanas.i heard ramayana,viduraneeti,bhagavatha,bagavadgeetha,harivamsa,vayustuti,parasuklatrayaru,sreenivasa kalyana,swapnavrundavanakya,bhagavatha prosta padhi.Now i want some another pravachanas.please send web address for easily downloadin options site.its very important for my life.thank you.Hare sreenivasa.


  6. Posted by Balajee Rao on October 9, 2015 at 8:28 pm

    It is great pleasure to see all madva program & panchangas.

    My Best & warm regards to everyone in this participation.


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