Sri Palimar Paryaya

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Sri Sri Vidyadheesha Theertha Swamiji of Sri Palimar Matha ascended the holiest Sarvajnapeetha today in a grand paryaya function at UDUPI today attended by ashta mutt swamijis and thousands of devotees. Please click on the below links to view phots and videos from the Paryaya event.

# # Paryaya Photos   | Photos 2  |  Photos 3

# # Paryaya Videos

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Palimar Paryaya LIVE on 18-Jan

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Sri Palimar Swamiji will ascend the holiest Sarvajnapeetha for the 2nd time @  Sri Krishna Mutt tomorrow during the Paryaya event. Palimar Matha announces that we can watch the entire events LIVE on C4U TV Channel and on Palimar Matha website as well. 

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Sri Madhwa Purandarotsava Program Details

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Sri Madhwa Purandarotsava event organized by Mysore Sri Ramachandrachar is currently under way in holy kshetra Mantralaya. Please find the program details below.

All the events are LIVE Streamed at –>


Day 2 


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5 – Mangala


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Ten Lakhs views for this Blog

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I am pleased to share with you all readers that this blog has reached 10 LAKHS Hits milestone on 12th Jan. Thank you very much to all  of you for your constant support and encouragement without which this would not have been possible. When I started this blog, I never imagined that one day this will happen. Thank you once again!! 

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2018 – Panchanga in English

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Like every year Sri Vishwesha Sevaka Sangha has published the English Panchanga(Drigganitha Calendar) for the year 2018. Many thanks to Vidwan Sri K Ganapathy Bhat and Website admin of for uploading this panchanga year after year for our benefit.

The rewards of listening to panchanga daily :-


Please click on the image/link below to view/download the English panchanga. 

  2018 English Panchanga

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Raichur Sri Seshagiridas Dasavani in NANGANALLUR

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Shri Raichur Seshagri Das music program will be there at 6:30 pm on 25th Jan at  Nanganallur SRS Mutt, Parimala Mantpa. All the devotees are requested to participate and join in Sri Madhwa Navami Celebrations. 

Raichur NAN 25-Jan

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Tathva Vaadha Tamil Magazine completes 20 Years

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Tathva Vaada

Today is 04-Jan. On this same day Twenty years ago on 04-Jan-1998, Sri Sri Pejawar Swamiji founded and released the first issue of Tathva Vaadha (Tamil) at Sri Krishna Sri Raghavendra Mutt, T Nagar in Chennai. And now the magazine has crossed 20 years in publication and it has come a long way. What a great achievement!! 



I am sure readers would agree that TTV edited by Smt. Saraswathy Sripathy has played a major role in increasing the spiritual awareness among the Madhwas in Tamilnadu today. Not only that, the annual events conducted by TTV like Sapta Prakara Sabha during Tula Masa and Gyana Karya during Adhika Masa were highly beneficial to the devotees and were instrumental in making the people like us stay on course and aspire to do more sadhane! TTV Annual calendar is seen in all Madhwa homes today which is very useful in our daily anushtana. Our regards and kudos to TTV Editor and Team for striving very hard all these years in this selfless service to our society!! 

Sri Sri Vishvesha Teertha Swamiji who has already made history and is about to complete Sri Krishna Panchama Paryaya in another few days has sent an special anugraha sandesha on TTV reaching this milestone. Please listen to Swamiji’s sandesha in the below link.



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