Sri Palimar Mutt Prathistapana @ ANNA NAGAR, Chennai

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Devotees in Chennai Central area have a reason to rejoice and be jubilant now, as Sri Sri Vidhyadheesha Theertha Swamiji, Sri Palimaru Mutt is going to do the Prathistapana of Sri Srinivasa, Sri Anjaneya, Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt @ the following address:

A E 3352 F, 8th Street, Anna Nagar, Near Grand Sweets and Behind Anna Nagar Post Office, Chennai. 

Prathista on 09-Feb @ 6 AM, Kalasa Abhisheka on 10-Feb by the Amrutha Hastha of Sri Adamar Swamiji and Sri Palimar Swamiji

For more details on this, please CLICK HERE

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Dasavani @ UDUPI

Hare Srinivasa,

Paryaya Sri Pejavar Swamiji organized the Sapta Sathamanotsava and Sriman Nyayasudha Mangalotsava events in a grand manner with the divine presence of Swamijis from various Madhwa Mutts. There were pravachanas by eminent pundits and vidwans, cultural programs all these days and devotees who

udupi 06feb

witnessed all these were in a state of bliss already. On the final day yesterday, devotees were delighted with the announcement that three very popular Dasara Padagalu Singers Sri Puttur Narasimha Nayak, Sri Raichur Seshagiridas and Sri Anantha Kulkarni are coming together in one stage to render Devara Namas. What an opportunity! It was just superb and splendid when all three took turn and mesmerized all in the audience with their divine and melodious renderings!

For those of you who missed this rare event yesterday, here is the YouTube Video link.

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Sapta Sathamanotsava celebration of Sri Madhwacharya. Video Conf. by Hon. Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi

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700th Madhwa Navami was celebrated with much reverence and devotion today @ UDUPI under the guidance and direction of Sri Pejavar Swamiji’s Panchama Paryaya. The star of the evening was none other than our Honorable Prime Minister of India – Sri Narendra Modi joining the celebrations on this auspicious day though not physically in Udupi, but through Video Conference. Here is the link to Sri Modi’s address which was webcast Live on YouTube by Sri Pejavar Mutt. 

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Sankeertana Smarane by Raichur Sri Seshagiridas

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Madhwa Navami 700 Celebrations are going on everywhere and devotees in Chennai can look forward to listening to melodious Dasara Padagalu concert by Raichur Sri Seshagiridas today @ 6 PM at Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Saligramam.


Let us hope we will be able to catch his program Live from UDUPI on the Vishvesha Vani YouTube channel on Monday evening(06-Feb). 

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February – Important Days and Anushtanas

Hare Srinivasa,

Here are the Important days and Anushtanaas in the month of FEBRUARY 2017.  

Date        Day      Festival

03           Fri       Ratha Saptami 

04           Sat      Bheeshmashtami

05           Sun      Madhwa Navami – 700th year celebrations

07           Tue      Ekadasi (Jaya)

08           Wed     Bhavi Sameera Sri Vadirajara Jayanthi

10           Fri        Magha Snana Samapti

19           Sun       Seetha Jayanthi

22           Wed      Ekadasi (Vijaya)

26           Sun       Amavasya 

28           Tue       Sri Gurusarvabhoumara Pattabhisheka dina



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Madhwa Navami celebrations @ UDUPI – LIVE on YouTube

Hare Srinivasa,

udupi sapta sathamanotsava

Udupi Sapta Sathamanotsava

Many Thanks to Sri Mysore Ramachandrachar for live streaming of Sri Madhwa Purandarotsava events last week. And now, to our great excitement, Sri Pejavar Mutt is also Live Streaming Sri Madhwacharyaru’s Sapta Sathamanotsava programs from Udupi on YouTube, which commenced yesterday. Today is Day 2. Please click on the following link to view Live and Recordings of completed sessions.

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Mysore Ramachandrachar Dasavani starting @ 10:30 PM

Hare Srinivasa,


A surprise announcement was just made in Udupi Rajangana that will delight you all for sure. Yes, the much awaited DASAVANI Concert by Mysore Sri Ramachandrachar is going to start shortly at 10:30 PM. Please join at for LIVE Streaming from UDUPI and inform others as well so that they will also enjoy the bliss. 

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