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Sri Sri Satyatma Theertha Swamiji’s 20th Chaturmasya @ SOAN

Hare Srinivasa,

Sri Sri Satyatma Theertha Swamiji, Sri Uttaradi Mutt will be observing his 20th Chaturmasya Vratha this year(2015) in SOAN in Telangana state from 9th August to 28th September 2015. The nearest railway station to reach this place is NIZAMABAD which is situated around 50 KMs from Soan. Please click on the below image for Seva and other Details.

Soan Chaturmasya 2015

Contact Nos:-      9010791685, 9395322177



|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||

Pushyarka Yoga on 27Jul14

Hare Srinivasa,

As most of you are busy with the planning and preparations for the most awaited Aradhana of the year, the 343rd aradhana of Sri Raghavendra Theertha Gurusarvabhoumaru from 11 to 13-August, here comes a gentle reminder that coming Sunday(27th July) is a special day to earn Sri Rayaru’s blessings. We have Pushyarka Yoga on this day as the Pushya Nakshatra is coming on Sunday. Also note this is the only such occurrence in this JAYA year.

Pushya is a Sanskrit word, meaning “to nourish”. The ruler of Pushya is Saturn or Shani and its deity is Brihaspati or Jupiter, the Guru of wisdom. When the Pushya Nakshatra falls on Thursday or Sunday, astrologers and religious minded people consider it as favourable and call it Pushya Amrit Yoga. This day (Pushya Nakshatra) is an auspicious day to see, take blessings and remember your Guru or spiritual teacher. It is in this manner that Pushya has an auspicious link with spiritual and religious matters.

We all know that one of the greatest devotees of Rayaru was Sri Appanacharya. He brought out the benefits of remembering Rayaru on such a day or on Pushya Nakshatra.

In his Raghavendra Stotra, Appanacharya says,

“Soma surya parogo cha pushyarkadhi samagame,

Yo anuthamam idham stotramashtothara satham japeth,

Bhootha praetha pisachadhi peeda thasya na jayathe”

What this means is that when there is a lunar or solar eclipse or during Pushya Star on Sunday, any person reciting the shlokas of Raghavendra Swamy or remembering him, will not have any kind of trouble. No ghost, devil or/and any evil will trouble a person who recites the Raghavendra Stotra 108 times or performs the japa 108 times.

So let us all make use of this auspicious day by getting together in front of Sri Rayara Mruthika Brindavana and chant the famous Sri Rayara Stotra as many time as possible and do our sankalpa for our sadhane during the Aradhana period on this day and pray for Sri Rayaru and Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu’s blessings to make it happen.

Please click on the following links for Signifance of Pushyarka Yoga.

|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||


Sri Vidyasagara Madhava Theertharu Chennai visit – 10 to 13th Jul

Hare Srinivasa,

As we have just stepped in to the auspicious Chaturmasa, here is some great news for Chennai folks. Sri Sri Vidyasagara Madhava Theertha Swamiji, Sriman Madhava Theertha Moola Maha Samasthana, Tambhihalli, Kolar will be visiting Chennai from 10th July to 13th July to grace us.

Devotees can make use of this opportunity to perform Padapooja/ Bhiksha vandana on particular date/time in any of the venue mentioned below and also can have Mudradharana before Samsthana Pooja on account of Chaturmasya Vrata during Sripadangalavaru stay in Chennai.

All Madhwa devotees are cordially invited and welcome to any of the venue below according to their convenience and earn the blessings of Sriman Moola VeeraRama Devaru and Harivayu Gurugalu. Also this year H H Swamiji will be observing 13th year Chaturmasya Vrata from 16th July to 9th Sep 2014 at Bengaluru.


10th July- Thursday

Padapooja/Mudradharana  and Samsthana Pooja will be performed at Sriman Madhava Theerthara Matha, Perambur.

 7 AM to 10.30 AM – Padapooja/ Mudradharana

11 AM to 1 PM  – Samsthana Pooja and Theertha Prasada

Venue – Sriman Madhava Theertha Moola Mahasamsthana
11 , Srinivasa Mudali Street
Chennai – 600011
Landmark: Near Perambur Bus Terminus( 2nd left from bus terminus) 

11th July- Friday

Padapooja/ Mudradharana and Samsthana Pooja will be performed at
Sri Raghavendra Swamy Matha, Ayanavaram.

8.30 AM to 10 AM – Padapooja/ Mudradharana

11 AM  to 1 PM – Samsthana Pooja and Theertha Prasada

Venue: Sri Raghavendra Matha,

           7, Pananthope Colony,


           Chennai 600023. Telephone: 044-26744257

12th July- Saturday

Padapooja/Mudhradharana and Samsthana Pooja will be Performed at Sri Krishna Raghavendra Matha, MaraiMalai Nagar

7 AM to 10.30 AM – Padapooja/ Mudradharana and Anugraha Bhashana

11 AM to 1 PM  – Samsthana Pooja and Theertha Prasada


Sri Krishna Raghavendra Matha
34 Sathya Sai Nagar
Marai Malai Nagar
Chennai – 603209
Contact: Sri. SeethaRama Achar- 9445305738

Landmark: – Near to Ford company- M.M Nagar( G S T Road). MaraiMalai Nagar is in between Tambaram and Chengalpet Highway – GST road, situated at 25 KMs from Tambaram.

13th July- Sunday

Mudradharana and Samsthana Pooja will be performed at Sri. P S Narayana Rao residence at Tambaram Sanatorium.

10 AM to 11.00 AM  – Padapooja / Mudradharana.

11.30 AM to 1.30 PM  – Samsthana Pooja and Theertha Prasada

Venue: P S Narayana Rao
5/3, Banu Avenue
Tambaram Sanatorium
Chennai – 600047
Contact: 9841482772 ( P S Narayana Rao)
Landmark: Near/Opposite to Tambaram Sanatorium Railway Station (East)

Please forward this note to interested Madhwa devotees in and around Chennai who wish to have Sri Veera Rama Devaru darshan and Sripadangalavaru darshan during these 4 days. 

|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||


Bhagavata Proshtapadi by Sri Suvidyendra Theertharu LIVE

Hare Srinivasa, 

The very auspicious Bhadrapada Masa has started and we are all very fortunate to have Proshtapadi Bhagavatha Pravachanas being arranged in our surroundings and let us make full use of the opportunity. For those devotees who are not near such place, here comes some good news. You can watch Bhagavatha Pravachana by Shri Abhinava Shuka Muni Sri Suvidyendra Theertha Swamiji LIVE from Bangalore @ till 19-Sep-13 every day from 5 to 6 PM.

Please click on the above image to listen to Amruthavani by Sri Suvidyendraru.

|| Sri Krishnaarpanamastu ||

Chaturdashi Pravachana by Sri Kurnool Srinivasachar

Hare Srinivasa,

Madanur Sri Vishnu Theertharu is popularly known as “Avadhoota Shiromani”. He has written the granthas including Shree Chaturdashi, Shree Shodashi and Adhyatma Rasa Ranjani. We all do Homas and Yagnas but we see the results are different. One gets the benefit as per his anusandhana. Sri Vishnu Theertharu in his grantha has given the explanation clearly on how to get the maximum phala for our deeds. Sri Kurnool Srinivasachar has given pravachana on the same thereby enabling us to understand easily.

Chaturdashi Grantha –   In this grantha, he has narrated Chaturdasha(14) upaasane.    viz., Jeeva homa prakarana, Upanayana prakarana, Suryagati prakarana, Ayuryajna prakarana, vedaadhyayana prakarana, bhikshaaTana prakaraNa, bhojana prakaraNa, paapaalepa prakaraNa, Jeeva prayaaNa maarga prakaraNa, brahmayajna prakaraNa, shudda yajna prakaraNa, svaroopa yajna prakaraNa, sulabha pooja prakaraNa, guruprasaada laabha prakaraNa.

In order to benefit us, Sri Achar has created one website and made available all his pravachanas for us to listen and download as well. Also you can watch Live Pravachana by Sri Srinivasachar every night from 9PM. For more details please visit the website.

|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||

Sri Suvidyendra Theertharu’s Pravachana LIVE from Raichur

Hare Srinivasa,

As you all are aware, Sri Sri Suvidyendra Theertha Swamiji is camping in Raichur for his 11th Chaturmasya Vratha anushtaana. Please click on the link below to watch LIVE Pravachana from Raichur Chaturmasya. Also share this link with others to enable them to listen to Swamigalu’s Pravachana. For more details please call on these numbers 9449237543, 9741454816.

|| Sri Krishnaarpanamastu ||

Sriman Madhwa Vilasa in Tamil by Chromepet Sri R Sridharan

Hare Srinivasa,  

As you all are aware Chrompet Sri R Sridharan, Managing Trustee of Chrompet Madhwa Seva Trust is doing yeoman service to Madhwa community by coming up with the Acharya’s Magnum Opus Sriman Mahabharatha Tatparya Nirnaya in Tamil for the benefit of Madhwas in Tamilnadu who doesn’t know Kannada language. So far Six volumes are released and you will be glad to note that Part 7 is under print right now.

Sri Sridharan has released another book in Tamil recently and it is Sriman Madhwa Vilasa. The moola grantha in Sansrkit was written by Sri Satya Theertharu, direct and priya disciple of Vishwa Guru Sriman Madhwacharyaru.

This book discusses the life history of Acharya Madhwaru like the great mahakavya Sumadhwa Vijaya by Sri Narayana Pandithacharyaru. Madhwa Vilasa is a small grantha with just 3 chapters and 148 shlokas. The author of this grantha Sri Satya Theertharu is important sishyaru of Madhwaru and was blessed to listen to Aitheraya Upanishad paata from Madhwaru 3 times. He has also written the Bhrama Sutra Bhashya of Madhwaru.

The author of this Tamil book has given enough references to Madhwa Vijaya in this grantha and highlights several things that are not said in Madhwa Vijaya. Though the author has started the tamil translation as early as 2004, this book has seen the light of the day now. Please find the details of the book below:


 Donation: Rs. 100 (One Hundred Only)

Copies can be had from:


Managing Trustee

Chromepet Madhva Seva Trust,

2/14, School Street, Radha Nagar, Chromepet,

CHENNAI – 600 044.

Ph: 044 – 2265 1964

Other books by Sri Sridharan:

||  Sri Krishnaarpanamastu  ||


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