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Sri Vedavyasa Jayanthi and Sri Vidyamanya Gurugala Samaradhana Mahotsava @ SRIRANGAM

Hare Srinivasa,

Invitation of 23rd Sri Vedavyasa Jayanthi and 18th Sri Vidyamanya Gurugala Samaradhana Mahotsava at Srirangam Sri Bhandarakeri Matha from 22-Apr till 28-Apr-2018. We have Dasavani program by Mysore Sri Ramachandrachar on 24-Apr. Please click on the invitation below for more details. 

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Adhika Masa Sapta Prakara Pradakshina @ SRIRANGAM

Hare Srinivasa,


Like every time, Tamil Tathva Vaadha has made elaborate plans to celebrate the upcoming auspicious Adhika Masa in Srirangam on 19th and 20th May 2018. Sapta Prakara Pradakshina to Lord Sri Sriranganatha Swamy will be arranged on both  the days (19 and 20). The highlight of this year’s event will be the special “SRIMAD BHAGAVATHA” Pravachana by Sri Sri Vidyasindu Madhava Theertha Swamiji, Thambihalli Matha on both the days. We have Lakshmi Shobane pooja on 19th. On Sunday on account of Adhika Masa, it  has been planned to offer 33 items to Devara Naivedya for Teerthaprasada.

Vidya Sindhu Madhava Teertharu

Sacred Dhanas associated with Adhika  Masa will be arranged on advance notification only. We request the devotees to kindly inform their requirements for Apoopa Dhana and other Dhanas before 01st May. Please find the TTV Bank Account details below and you may please transfer your contribution and inform the organizers by sending an email to without fail.

Please find the Seva details below.

Apoopa Dhana.jpg

1) Apoopa Dhana – 33 Apoopa made in Ghee – Rs. 500 (Vessel and Plate not included. Those needing them has to inform the same. Rs. 500 is only for 33 Apoopas)

2) Achar Sambavanai for a couple for SPP – Rs. 200

3) Deepa Dhana – Rs. 100

4) Uthukumba Dhana – Rs. 100

5) Bhramana Bhojana for 7 persons – Rs. 1500

6) Vastra Dhana – Rs. 1200

In addition to  the above, Sampoorna Murada Bhagina dhana which includes 9 yards saree, dhoti, gold and silver items, 33 items will cost Rs. 7000. Those who are willing to do this murada bhagina are requested to send the contribution in advance. Only then we would be able to make the necessary arrangements.

We once again reiterate that Apoopas can be arranged only on advance intimation and we cannot take up last minute requests for the same. Donations are welcome from the devotees for Annadhana during Adhika Masa parva kala.

TTV Bank Account details


Sri Srinivasa Sri Raghavendra Mrithika Brindavana,

Palimar Mutt, Kondayampettai, Location on Google Maps =>

Near Tiruvanaikoil Jambukeswarar Koil. (Devotees can reach this venue by Friday night)


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Adhika Masa Special Sapta Prakara Pradakshina @ SRIRANGAM

Hare Srinivasa,


The auspicious Vilambi Samvatsara is starting in another couple  of days and everyone is excited for sure. On Yugadi day, It is mandatory to participate  in the Panchanga Shravana program in the evening and this will help us to plan and kick start our sadhane in the new year. And this year during  panchanga pathana, the focus will be on Adhika Masa coming in during Jyeshta Masa from 16-May till 13-Jun-18. 

Tathva Vaada

Tamil Tathva Vadha invites you all to come to Srirangam from 18-May till  20-May(Fri, Sat & Sun) and join in the following  programs being organized for the benefit of devotees:-  Sapta Prakara Pradakshina to Lord Sriranganatha, 330 Lakshmi Shobhane Pooja, 33 Sampoorna Moradha Bayana, Apoopa Daana and Upanyasa by Pundits. Please watch out for April issue of Tamil Tathva Vadha and this page for more details in this regard. Make your bookings today and let us all meet in Bhooloka Vaikuntam, Srirangam in the month of May. 

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Pilgrimage by Madhwa Dakshina Yathra – Mar 2018

Hare Srinivasa,


Due to enormous requests from people, Madhwa Dakshina Yathra has arranged a Pilgrimage from 6.3.18 to 10.3.18 ( 5 days)  to Sacred places viz. SRIMUSHNAM ( SRI VARAHA ), VARKALA ( SRI JANARDHANA) AND THOTHADRI ( SRI SRINIVASA) for performing Kshethravidhi. In addition 6 ancient temples in Kumbakonam and Sri Vijayendra Theerthara Moola Brindhavana, Srirangam Lord Sri Renganatha (Booloka Vaikunta), Trivandrum Sri Ananthapadmanaba Swamy Temple and Nava Thirupathi (TN) are covered.

Srirangam Gopuram 2

Food prepared by Madhwa cooks. Travel by train and bus. Room accommodation on twin sharing basis. Interested persons please contact R. Gopalakrishna, in 7708157378, immediately to enable us to arrange train tickets. email:

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Sri Vijaya Dasara Aradhane Celebrations @ SRIRANGAM

Hare Srinivasa,

30 - vijayadasaru1.jpeg

Sri Vijaya Dasara Aradhane is being celebrated in Sriranga Kshetra next week(28 to 30-Oct) in the divine presence of Sri Palimar Swamiji and Sri Vyasaraja Matha Swamiji. Many pundits and scholars are also going to grace the occasion with their pravachanas. Dasavani by Mysore Sri Ramachandrachar on 30-Oct @ 8 PM. Please find the program details below:

Inv 1.jpg


Inv 2.jpg


Inv 3.jpg


Inv 4.jpg


Inv 5.jpg


Update on 28-Oct: 

Sri VijayaDasara Aradhane at Srirangam is streaming LIVE at You can also, watch it on the YouTube Channel “ADHYATMA CHINTANA“.  Please note **The videos will ONLY be available when the event is LIVE**

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Sri UM Swamiji SRIRANGAM Visit for Tula Pushkara Celebrations

Hare Srinivasa,


Here comes some great news for TN Madhwas – Sri Sri Satyatma Theertha Swamiji, Sri Uttaradi Math will grace us all in Srirangam(Dvaita capital of TN) from 16-Oct till 21-Oct.  Various programs including Ganga-Cauvery Pooja, Sapta Prakara Pradakshine(19-Oct), Sudha Mangala Anuvadha, Panchamrutha Abhisheka on Bali Padyami dina are being planned during this period when Swamiji will be with us in Srirangam. Please find the details below:


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Sri Trayee Vidya Gurukulam – Gruhapravesha of New Vidyapeeta @ Madipakkam

Hare Srinivasa,

As you all know, Sri Trayee Vidya Gurukulam under the leadership of Sri Vijayendra Bharathi Achar and Sri Satish Achar has been doing a great service to our Madhwa society for many years. They are successfully running two Gurukulam centers in Srirangam and in Chennai and tirelessly working for Vedha Adhyayana. They are regularly doing Samoohika Pavamana Parayana on all Sundays for Lokashema. You can watch the parayana videos here.

Here comes some great news – They have constructed a new building for Chennai Gurukula and the Gruhapravesha function is being celebrated on 22-Sep at Madipakkam in the divine presence of Sri Sri Vidya Shreesha Theertha Swamiji, Sri Vyasaraja Mutt, Sosale. Please note this is the first visit to Chennai for the new Swamiji and it is indeed our blessings that we get an opportunity to see the samasthana pooja of Sri Gopalakrishna Devaru by Swamiji in Chennai.

Please click here for the Gruhapravesha Invitation

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