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Mahabhishekam to Sri Vijayeendra Theerthara Moola Brindavana

Hare Srinivasa,

On the occasion of ‘Shri Vijayeendra Theerthara‘ madyaradhana at Kumbakonam – inaguration of renovated kashyapatheertha pushkarani and mahabhishekam to moola brindavan of Shri Vijayeendra Theertharu by HH Shri Swamiji.



|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||


Sri Sri Vijayeendra Theerthara Aradhane – 22Jun17

Hare Srinivasa,

Vijayeendraru 1

Today is very important and auspicious day, as we celebrate the Aradhane of one of the greatest saints in Madhwa parampare, Sri Sri Vijayeendra Theertharu. He was a master of 64 arts and spent most of his time in Kumbakonam and established our Dvaita Siddhanta as the Supreme Tatva by easily winning over his opponents from other school of thoughts. Herein I have captured few links on the Great Gurugalu who is Paramaguru of Sri Rayaru. First comes the intro video on Kumbakonam Sri Mutt.

Kumbakonam Sri Vijayeendra Swamy Mutt


Life and works – Sri Haridas Bhat


Sri Nagasampige on Sri Vijayeendraru


Sri Vijayeendra Tirtharu discourse by Vid. Madanur Pavamanachar


Having listened to these great pravachanas by distinguished pundits, now comes some feast for our eyes! Please look at the special Gandha Lepana Alankara of Sri Vijayeendraru on this year Akshaya Triteeya day


bhaktAnAM mAnasAm bhoja bhAnave kAmadhenave |

namatAM kalpatarave vijayIndra gurave namaha ||


|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||

Srimushnam and Kumbakonam Yathra

Hare Srinivasa,

Here is an announcement from Madhwa Dakshina Yathra regarding their trip to Srimushnam for performing kshetravidhi and Kumbakonam in Aug 2017.


A two days programme from 19.8.2017 to 20.8.2017 has been arranged to visit Srimushnam to perform kshethravidhi and to visit Kumbakonam to have darshan of 9 famous temples and  moola brindhavanas viz. Sri Vijayeendra Theertharu, Sri Sathya Abhinava Theertharu (um) natchiarkoil, Sri Jagannatha Theertharu (bhashya deepikacharyaru(vm), Sri Vidhyanatha Theertharu (vm), Sri Vidhyapathi Theertharu (vm) and Sri Ramachandra Theertharu. 

Interested sajjanas are requested to contact the following persons immediately since Train reservations are to be made from Bangalore/Chennai. 

R.Gopalakrishna 7708157378 or K.Ramachandrarao 9742055977.

|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||

108 Divya Desam Yathra – Feb 2017

Hare Srinivasa,

108 Divya Desagalu Yathra by Madhwa Dakshina Yathra


Madhwa dakshina yathra has planned a trip to cover a part of 108 ancient srinivasa devasthanagalu (they are called 108 divya desagalu) situated in India and Nepal from 17.2.2017 to 21.2.2017. In first phase around 50 temples situated in and around Kumbakonam (Tamilnadu) will be covered in 5 days. The travel from Bangalore/Chennai is by train up to Kumbakonam and from there by AC vehicle. Decent hotel accommodation, homely food prepared by madhwa family and a Kannada speaking guide are arranged.

For further details please contact Gopalakrishna in 7708157378 or mail to along with your phone number, on or before 12.1.2017 to enable us to book the train tickets.

|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||

Sri Vijayeendra Theerthara Aradhane – 14Jun15

Hare Srinivasa,

Sri Vijayeendra Theertharu

One of the tallest Yatigalu in the great Madhwa Guru Parampare – Sri Sri Vijayeendra Theertha Swamiji‘s 401st Aradhane is celebrated today. Sri Vijayeendra Tirtharu saved Madhva Siddhanta from a very real and serious threat of extinction in South India, during the 16th century. Hence the followers of Madhva Siddhanta should always remain grateful to the memory of Sri Vijayeendra Teertharu’s great personality. He was a master of all arts. He was master in all 64 vidyas. That is why he was called as “Chatu:Shasti Vidya Praveena”. 

bhaktAnAM mAnasAm bhoja bhAnave kAmadhenave |
namatAM kalpatarave jayIndra gurave namaha ||

Please listen to Sri Prabhanjancharya‘s sandesha on Sri Vijayeendra Theertharu. 

Sri Prabhanjanacharya

|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||

Sri Pejawar Mutt in Kumbakonam

Hare Srinivasa,

Kumbakonam is known and very famous for its temples and mutts. It has been said in puranas that Kumbakonam is such a sacred place that if anyone has done any papa in other punya kshetras, then he need to come to Kumbakonam to get parihara. There is a popular saying in Sanskrit noting Kumbakonam as more sacred than Varanasi (Kasi). A sin committed at some ordinary place is washed off by a visit to a holy place;  a sin done in a sacred spot is washed off by going on a pilgrimage to Varanasi; if one dares to commit a sin in that sacred city too, that sin is wiped off at Kumbakonam; and any sinful act done at Kumbakonam is washed off there itself.

Sri Vishwesha Theertha Swamiji, Pejawar Mutt

As we all know, it is the place where we have the moola brindavana of one of the greatest Madhwa Saint Sri Ajaya Vijayendraru  @ Solayappan street. And our Rayaru has spent most part of his early years here. This temple city is always flooded with devotees who come from everywhere. Sri Pejawar Swamiji has recently did the prathistapana of Sri Krishna, Hanuma, Bheema sannidhana in the Sri Krishna Mukhyaprana Mutt @ Kumbakonam. The new Mutt is ready to help the visiting devotees with Teerthaprasada and rooms for accomodation. Sri Swamiji has been setting up mutts in most of the piligrimage centres like Tirupati, Rameswaram etc in order to help the devotees and we should all be thankful to this great swamiji. It is our fortune that we live in the same period as him.

The contact details of the Pejawar mutt is given below. Bhakthas are requested to take note of this and make use of  this facility, when they visit Kumbakonam next and get the blessings of Sri Krishna, Sri Bheema and Sri Hanumanta devaru.

Shree Krishna Mukhyaprana Mutt
(Unit of Sri Pejavara Matha, Udupi)
Setubhava Agraharam lane
Solayappan street
612001 – TN
Mobile: 9597800018


Amruta Vani by Pejawar Swamiji


There is a gravitational pull on the earth. It tends to pull everything downwards and make it fall. Attraction towards material world is also similar to this. It pulls a person down in spite of his desire to move up.

The Lord also has a power of attraction. It is different from that of the material world. While the material world has pull downwards, the Lord’s pull is upwards. While material attractions make a person fall, Godly attraction lifts a person to higher levels. We have to fall into the attractive pull of the Lord. Only this will make our life meaningful.  


||  Sri Krishnaarpanamastu  ||

Sri Vijayeendra Theertharu Aradhana Mahotsava

Hare Srinivasa,

The Aradhana of Sri Vijayeendra Theertharu the prominent Acharya of Dvaita Siddhanta founded by Sriman Madhwacharya will be celebrated at the Kumbakonam SRS Mutt on 29-Jun-11, Wednesday. Please click on the below image to view the complete invitation.

Click here to view the full Invitation