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Chaturmasya : Dadhi Vratha – 03Aug to 01Sep17

Hare Srinivasa,

We are in the auspicious Chaturmasa parva kala and about to complete the first month, Shakavratha. The Second month in the Chaturmasa is known as the Dadhi Vratha. This Vratha needs to be observed from Shravana Shudda Ekadashi to Bhadrapada Shudda Dashami

Sankalpa Mantra:

upaayanamidaM dEva vRutasaMpUrti hEtave |

dvijavaryaaya daasyEhaM sahiraNyam GanaM dadhi ||

During this Dadhivratha period, curds should not be used in any form or manner while preparing naivedya. However, buttermilk, a derivative of curds, is allowed.

|| Sri Krishnaarpanamastu ||

Sri Sri Suvidyendra Theerthara Chaturmasya Sankalpa

Hare Srinivasa,

suvidyendra theertharu

Sri Sri Suvidyendra Theertha Swamiji has made Chaturmasya Vratha sankalpa today at Bangalore. Please listen to Swamiji’s Anugraha Sandesha after sankalpa and he gives a introduction of Srimad Bhagavatha and highlights what each skanda talks about. Swamiji will be delivering pravachanas in several areas of Bangalore during the next 40 days. Please contact 97414 54816 for more details. 

|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||

Sri Sri Vidya Vijaya Theertharu Chaturmasya in COIMBATORE

Hare Srinivasa,

SVM Sri Vidya Vijaya Theertharu

Since the start of Chaturmasa, devotees from Coimbatore were asking if there is any possibility of any swamiji visiting Coimbatore for Mudradharane. Now comes the great news for CBE folks. Sri Sri Vidya Vijaya Theertharu of Sri Vyasaraja Mutt will be observing this year Chaturmasya Vratha from today till 06-Sep-17 @ Sri Vyasaraja Mutt, RG Street, Coimbatore. Also note Swamiji will be doing Mudradharane to devotees tomorrow in the mutt. Devotees are requested to make use of this opportunity. Please contact the mutt for more details. 




Mutt Address:

Sri Vyasaraja Mutt

# 871 Range Gowder Street, Near Townhall,

Coimbatore – 641 001   |  Ph:   0422 – 2304659


|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||

Tambihalli Madhava Theertha Mutt Swamijis in Chennai for Chaturmasya

Hare Srinivasa,

Sri Manmadhava teerthara kararchita 'DIGVIJAYA RAMACHANDRA' devaru..jpg

Sri VSM Theertharu.jpg

As you all are aware by now that Sri Kaniyoor Swamiji will be observing this year Chaturmasya Vratha in Chennai at Anna Nagar Sri Palimar Mutt. But there is one more pleasant surprise for us as Sri Vidya Sagara Madhava Theertharu (Sr. Swamiji) and Sri Vidyasindhu Madhava Theertharu (Jr. Swamiji) of Tambihalli Madhava Theertha Mutt (also known as Majjigehali Matha) are in Chennai now and they have already made the Sankalpa for the Chaturmasya Vratha anushtaana in Chennai.

Swamijis @ Dharmaprakash.jpg

Both the Swamijis graced K K Nagar Madhwa Sangha’s Sri Jayatheerthara Aradhana Celebrations @ Dharmaprakash yesterday. And many of us in Chennai got the first chance to listen to Sri Vidyasindhu Madhava Theertha Swamigalu. He delighted and thrilled us all by his Pravachana on Sri Jayatheertharu. We in Chennai are blessed to have this Swamiji and his Gurugalu camping here during the auspicious Chaturamasa kala at SRS Mutt, Ayanavaram.

Thambihalli mutt samasthana pooja.jpg


Here are the contact details for Ayanavaram SRS Mutt.

Ayanavaram SRS Mutt.jpgAyanavaram Brindavana.jpg

Shri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt,

No 7,Pananthope Railway Colony,


CHENNAI – 600 023    |    Ph: 044 – 2674 4257


Please CLICK HERE to know more about Sri Madhava Theertha Mutt. Also you can track updates from Matha here.

|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||

Sri Kaniyoor Swamiji Chaturmasya in CHENNAI

Hare Srinivasa,

Kaniyoor Sri Narasimha Devaru.jpg

Sri Sri Vidya Vallabha Theertha Swamiji will do sankalpa of Chaturmasya Vratha in Chennai at Anna Nagar Sri Palimar Mutt on 19-July. It is our great fortune that Sri Swamiji  has consented to grace us all in Chennai during this auspicious period. Let us all make use of this golden opportunity. Here are the contact numbers for your reference. 

Kaniyoor CM in Chennai.jpg

|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||

Sri Palimaru Srigala Chaturmaasya Anugraha Sandesha

Hare Srinivasa,

Palimar 38

Sri Sri Vidhyadheesha Theertha Swamiji, Sri Palimar Mutt has made sankalpa of his 38th Chaturmasya Vratha in Bangalore already and has also delivered his first pravachana at Sripadaraja Mutt. Please find the Chaturmaasya Anugraha Sandesha by Sri Palimar Swamigalu. 


CLICK HERE for details on Chaturmasa JNANA YAJNA.

|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||

Sri Kaniyoor Swamiji to observe 2017 Chaturmasya in CHENNAI

Hare Srinivasa,


The auspicious Chaturmasa started today and lots of devotees turned up in Nanganallur and T Nagar Rayar mutt for the sacred Tapta Mudhradharane from Sri Sri Vidyavallabha Theertha Swamiji of Sri Kaniyoor Mutt. But for Chennai devotees it was a double delight in store today.

Kaniyoor Swamiji

First getting the most important Tapta Mudra from Swamiji on this holy Prathama Ekadasi day. Second comes the exciting announcement – Sri Kaniyoor Swamiji will be observing this year’s Chaturmasa Vratha  in Chennai from 18-July @ Anna Nagar Sri Palimar Mutt. We are indeed fortunate to have the blessings of Sri Kaniyoor Swamiji as he will be with us for close to 2 months. I am sure Chennai devotees will fondly recollect the year 2011 when Sri Kaniyoor Swamiji was here in Chennai for the Chaturamsa and graced us all with his Samasthana Pooje, Pravachana and Anugraha Sandesha!. Now six years have passed, but you need note one important thing — in between Sri Kaniyoor Swamiji has successfully completed Sri Krishna Paryaya Pooja which ended on Jan 2016. So it is a great opportunity for us to have such a Swamiji in our place, Chennai folks and let us all get together and make use of this and get the blessings of Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu. 


Anna Nagar Mutt Address:- 

Sri Anjaneya, Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt
A E 3352 F, 8th Street, Anna Nagar, Near Grand Sweets and Behind Anna Nagar Post Office, Chennai.

Ph: 0820-2520598 |

|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||