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Sri Sri Satyatma Theertha Swamiji’s 23rd Chaturmasya @ GULBARGA

Hare Srinivasa,

The sacred Chaturmasya Kala is starting soon and here comes the information on Sri UM Swamiji. Sri Sri Satyatma Theertha Swamiji, Sri Uttaradi Mutt will be observing his 23rd Chaturmasya Vratha this year(2018) in GULBARGA in Karnataka from 05th August to 25th September 2018. Please find the location details in the attached image. 

Please click on the below image to view more details on Programs and Sevas during the Gulbarga Chaturmasa.                                                 

Gulbarga CM Site

(Website :   )

Contact Nos:-      9448441740, 9686528491 

|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||


Sriman Madhava Theertha Matha Swamiji will be in CHENNAI for Chaturmasya

Hare Srinivasa,

Sri Sri 1008 Sri Vidya Sindhu Madhava Theertha Swamiji has made the sankalpa to observe this year’s Chaturmaasa in Chennai from 02-Aug-18 to 25-Sep-18.

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|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||


Sri Sri VidyaShreesha Tirtharu to observe 2018 Chaturmasya in CHENNAI

Hare Srinivasa,

SVM Swamiji

Here comes some exciting news from Triplicane that Sri Vyasaraja Mutt Swamiji Sri Sri 1008 Sri VidyaShreesha Tirtharu has consented to observe 2018 Chaturmasya(2nd for Swamiji) in our Chennai from 02nd Aug to 25-Sep-2018. What an golden opportunity for us!! Indeed we are all blessed as Sri Moola Gopalakrishna Devaru and Sri Swamiji are going to be with us during the auspicious Chaturmasa kala and let us all join our hands and make sure this event is a grand success. A meeting is going to be held at 4 PM on 16-June at Triplicane Sri Vyasaraja Mutt to discuss the plans for the forthcoming Chaturmasa Anushthana by HH Swamiji at Chennai. 

SVM Samsthana Pooja.jpg

|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||


Sri Sri Vidyasindhu Madhava Teertha Swamiji to observe 2018 Chaturmasya in CHENNAI

Hare Srinivasa,

The auspicious Adhika Masa is on and it is heartening to see that special poojas, parayana, homas and various other austerities are being arranged everywhere and devotees are seen participating with enthusiasm in large numbers. I was blessed to be in Bhooloka Vaikuntam Srirangam last weekend for the Adhika Masa special Sapta Prakara Pradakshina to Lord Sri Ranganatha Swamy and had a great darshan in Srirangam temple.


Sri Sri Vidyasindhu Madhava Teertha Swamiji of Tambihalli mutt (Majjigehalli mutt) graced the event with his presence and delivered Srimad Bhagavatha pravachana on both the days and we were all in a state of bliss. Many Thanks to Tamil Tathva Vadha for making all the arrangements for the benefit of the visiting devotees from all over India. 

As you are aware Swamiji is right now camping in Chennai for the Adhika Masa and visiting several places for pada pooja and bhiksha. Here comes one great news that Swamiji will be observing this year’s Chaturmasya Vratha(2018) in Chennai. It is to be noted here that Swamiji was in Chennai during last year’s chaturmasa as well and he just captivated the audiences with his pravachana and anugraha sandesha on Bhagavatha and other puranas. It is indeed a great opportunity for us in Chennai and let us all get-together and make best use of this auspicious time and swamiji’s presence to move one step ahead in our sadhana and get the blessings of Sri Veera Rama Devaru.

|| Sriman Moola Veera Ramo Vijayate ||  

|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||


Vanabhojana 2017 in CHENNAI

Hare Srinivasa, 

We have only two days left in the auspicious Chaturmasa kala and after Uthana Dwadhasi habba & Thulasi Vivaaha, the next function is the Dhathri Havana Vanabhojana celebrations one will be looking forward to.

Here are the dates of Vanabhojana celebrations in Chennai SRS Mutts during Nov 2017.




Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, CHROMEPET

Date :          02-Nov-17   Thursday

Contact Numbers:  9884486315, 9884057790


Yathi Traya Sannidhana

Yathi Thraya Sannidhana, Nanganallur

Date :          04-Nov-17   Saturday

Contact Numbers:  (044) 22671575



Sri Krishna Sri Raghavendra Mutt, T Nagar

Date :          08-Nov-17   Wednesday

Contact Numbers:  (044) 28156286



Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, ANAKAPUTHUR

Date :          04-Nov-17   Saturday

Contact Numbers:  (044) 22482972, 65552972



Sri Panduranga Ashrama, Unit of Sri Pejavar Mutt, VADAPALANI

Date:         03-Nov-17    Friday

Contact Numbers:  (044) 24815820



|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||

Chaturmasya : Dwidala Vratha – 01Oct to 30Oct17

Hare Srinivasa, 

We are in the auspicious Navaratri parva kala and festivities are on everywhere. The most important day for us the Vijaya Dashami / Madhwa Jayanthi is just 2 days away. This day also marks the completion of Ksheera Vratha and from 01st October, the last of the four vrathas the Dwidala Vratha starts. This Vratha needs to be observed from Ashwayuja (Ashvija) Shukla Ekasashi to Karthika Shudda Dashami.

Ksheera Vratha Samarpana Mantra:

upaayanamidaM dEva vrutasaMpUrti hEtave |

kShIraMtu dvijavaryaaya sahiraNyaM dadaamyahaM ||

Sankalpa Mantra – Dwidala Vratha:

        kaartikE dvidaLaM dhaanyaM varjayiShyE sadaa harE|

imaM kariShyE niyamaM nirviGnaM kuru kEshava ||

During this period, one should avoid DvidaLaas and bahu-bIja vegetables.

DvidaLa refers to any seed or vegetable which when broken or fried splits into two halves. Examples of such items are All Dalls, green peas.

Bahu-bIja refers to any fruit or vegetable that contains multiple seeds and is covered by an external skin. Examples of such items are apples, grapes, pomegranate, cucumber and so on.

Vegetables & others permitted –

a) Banana and banana products like balekai, Baledindu, Bale Flower, etc.

b) White Dantu soppu, Agase Soppu, Karimevu, Doddipatre soppu, etc.

c) Genasu, Suvarna Gadde, Saamegadde, Coconut, ginger

d) Potato, Milk, Curds, Butter.

|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||

Chaturmasya: Ksheera Vratha – 02Sep to 30Sep17

Hare Srinivasa, 

We are in the auspicious Chaturmasa parva kala and about to complete the Dhadhivratha. The Third month in the Chaturmasa is known as the Ksheera Vratha. This Vratha needs to be observed from Bhadrapada Shukla Ekadashi to Ashwayuja (Ashvija) Shukla Dashami.

Sankalpa Mantra:

kShIravratamidaM dEva gRuhItam puratastava |

  nirviGnaM siddhimaayaatuprasaadaat ramaapatE ||

During this period, milk should not be used in any form or manner while preparing naivedya. This restriction includes milk derivatives like kene (cream of milk), cheese or other dairy products, but excludes curds or yoghurt.


|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||