Jayatheerthara Jeevana charitra by Dr.Vyasanakere Prabanjanacharya

Hare Srinivasa,

Aradhana Mahotsava of Sri Sri Jayatheertharu is celebrated today everywhere. Please listen to Vidwan Sri Vyasanakere Prabanjanacharya pravachana on Jeevana Charitra of Teekacharyaru. 

Chitrai: padaischa gambIrairvaakyairmaanairaKanDitai: |
Gurubhaavam vyanjayantI bhaatI shrI jayatIrthavaak ||


|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Rajesh on July 14, 2017 at 9:53 am

    Jai Shri.

    Harih Om
    Harih Om
    Harih Om.


  2. Posted by Dr. M.R.A Rao Scientist USA on July 14, 2017 at 11:05 am

    why are you talking about sree Jayatheertharu, shree Jayateertharu has come in lineage of Shre Hamsa Namaka Paramathmana Samsthaana, which is existing in Shree Vysaraja Mata & Shree Mantraalaya Rayara Matha, because Shree Vedavyasa Devaru gave Two idols to Shree Madhwa Acharya, i.e.,Gopalakrishna Devaru which is worshipped in Shree Vyasaraja Matha relevant today, & Neeladevi Kararchita Vasudeva worshipped in Shree Mantraalaya rayara Matha. Uthharadhi Matha is not Hamsanamaka paramathmana Samsthaana, this is the first lie, your foundation is based. 2nd lie is, Do You Know Who has written Grantha Bhagavatha?, You may not be knowing because Yo are interested in creating Lies & sit on it & promote the same among innocents & ignorants like Shree Prabhanjana does. I tell You Bhagavatha Grantha is written by Shree Vedavyasa Devaru,He has told about Lord Indra, not uthharadi matha Indra, Lord Indrana Kathe has been told by Shree Vedavyasa Devaru & not to be told by anyone particulalrly by Uthharadhi matha Sathyapramodaru or Sathyathmaru or like Prabhanjana, What Shree Vedavyasaru has told in Bhaghavatha Grantha on Lord Indra, pl.read., In Adibhaaga Thretha Yuga Lord Indra came to Bhooloka as OX to help Ikshawaku Vamshada Dore & helped him to win in war, & in return The Dore gave all Sampaththu to Lord Indra & Lord Indra returned to Swarga Loka, Please read & assimilate. only one time Lord Indra came as OX. Shree Sathya Pramoda Theertharu got Puraana Bhaskara Sheshagiri Rao & made him, by giving all lies Aadhaara,in Year May 1962, ( Shree Sathyapramodaru got Malkheda Jayathirthara mruthika vrindavana registered in his & his matha name in Feb.1962 by taking over from seenappachari, sheshachari, Bindaachri, Bhagirathi bai, who had successors,they were doing pooja installed by them & their predecessors as GRUHASTHAAS) to write, Uthharadi matha Indra born as ox during Madhwa Acharya Period, listened to Paatha of Shree Achaarya, Sathyapramooda is not Vedavyasa Devaru to talk about Lord Indra Of Swarga loka, because Sathyapramoda is most ordinary human being like You & Prabhanjana or Sathyaathmaru, expert in taking somebody property & make it real through Courts by submitting fake papers to Courts, THIS Being The Second Lies, You are telling lies, because by doing this like Duryodhana, Dushyasana, Shkuni You have been successful & so now You are trying Your level best to Take Over Nava Vrundaavana, somebody Property,this is the 3rd lie attempt You are making. How dare You all telling lies on Shree Navavrundavana Jayatheertharu, Shree Vaadi Rajaru giving saavakaaasha Vaakya interpretation, about Lord Indra & about Shree madhwacharya that he taught Ox. UM indra. You do not mind your own saints to give false propoganda on them stating that Raghvarya is stationed at nava vrundaavana, he is another human being just like you, but he is better than Sathyapramoda, because he has not told lies about himself or Shree Raghunaatha thirtha at Malkhed. Shree Raghothhama thirtha is also better than whom I told above. Like this I am having hundred findings.If you feel UM is Shreshta, then open UM Matha at every 5 miles one reach & do not send your false vidwaans to RM,VM for patha, Pravachana, Prabhanjana goes to VM & RM, it is not necessary for him to go over there for preaching false shaastra, no body is there to audit your paatha, pravachana, No Devatha is born in your UM.I have heard Prabhanjana telling 7 truths & 3 lies in his discourse, what type of VYRAAGYA it is.

    M.R.Ananthapadmanabha Rao, Writer of Shree Jyamunigalu from 1986, all facts based, not one sentence is without facts.

    [1469761318747_PastedImage] Unique ID: KA/2009/0001318 Thanks & Regards, Yours faithfully, Dr. M.R.A Rao, Ph.D. Specialization in Science, Technology and Health Science. Innovator (USA), Researcher and expert in Nuclear, Nano, Chemical, Agriculture, Health Neutraceutical, Infrastructure, Bio Sciences, Metallurgy and Special Alloys Life Member of Indian Nuclear Society, Member of All India IT Association, Manufacturer and Exporter of Medicines etc., CEO of Siri Krishna Bio Science Co, Siri Krishna S&T Research and Innovation Center. http://www.skbioscience.com World NGO ID: 3094421050 #91, 3rd Cross, 4th Block, BSK 3rd Stage, 3rd Phase, Katriguppe, Bangalore-85 Ph: +91 9343446978, 080 41751464



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