Sri Palimar Swamiji Udupi Paryaya 2018 – Countdown begins

Hare Srinivasa,



With less than a year from now for the upcoming Udupi Sri Krishna Paryaya 2018 by Sri Sri Palimar Swamiji, the preceding rituals are already initiated in Udupi. Sri Swamiji already performed the first of the four muhurtas ‘Bale Muhurtha‘ during December and today the second ritual ‘Akki Muhurtha‘ was performed in Udupi. For more details and photos from Bale Muhurtha event, please CLICK HERE.

Here is the Akki Muhurtha video. 


For more videos of happenings today from Udupi, please visit Sri Palimar Matha’s Facebook page.

Sri Palimar Swamij’s sandesha:-


“After ascending the Paryaya Peetha, I will continue doing religious and social works. I would like to extend ‘Chinnara Santharpana’ programme which is being practised from 14 years in Udupi Sri Krishna Math. I also plan to have a tulasi garden at Palimar Math premises, as it is known for the herbal plant. I am looking for a fertile land to build a full-fledged garden, until then I will grow tulasi saplings at the Palimar Math premises near Padubidri. Earlier, ‘laksha tulasi archana puja’ was performed at Sri Krishna Math every Sunday, and after the garden is ready, we will offer laksha tulasi archana on a daily basis.”

He also said that he would provide accommodation to achievers and would extend a helping hand to poor children who are unable to go schools and colleges, and that he would also encourage traditional form of education as well. “My first priority is to keeping the surroundings clean and tidy. Let this world be peaceful and healthy,” he said.


|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||


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