Chaturmasya Vratha Samapti

Hare Srinivasa,  

The auspicious parva kala, the Chaturmasa kala is about to end and I am sure everyone will be busy preparing for the Uthana Dwadhasi habba & Tulasi Vivaaha the coming Saturday(12th). We need to do samarpane of Dvidala Vratha and entire Chaturmasa vratha and the mantras for the same are given below:

Dvidala Vraha Samarpana Mantra:

aniruddha namastubhyaM dvidaLaaKyavratEna cha |

matkRutEnaashvinE maasi prItyarthaM phaladO bhava ||

Chaturmasa Vratha Samarpana Mantra:

idaM vrataM mayaa dEva kRutaM prItyai tava prabhO |

nyUnaM saMpUrNataaM yaatu tvatprasaadaat janaardhana||

Once you are done with the Uthana Dwadashi celebrations, the next function one will be looking forward to is the Dhathri Havana or Vanabhojana function. Please CLICK HERE for dates of Vanabhojana celebrations in Chennai.

Dhathri Havana is doing the pooja of Dhatri – Nellikayi Tree (Amalika) during Karteeka Maasa with the pooja of Karteeka Damodara with Shodachopachaara with Jageery-Tovve-Ghee with Dhatri Namana mantra – Homa etc- afterwards Brahmins and Suhaasinis are fed in the open place near that tree. By doing Vana Bhojana during this month one would get rid of the evil of eating Paraanna Bhojana.

Vanabhojana is usually done on Karthika Shudda Trayodashi, Chaturdashi, Pournima, up to Karthika Bahula Panchami. Dhatri – Nellikayi not to be eaten on Saptami and Sunday, Tuesday and Friday. As such, Dhatri Havana will not be done on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday and Saptami. We can use the new Nellikai only after the Dhatri Havana. i.e., samarpana of Dhatri to Srihari.

Attending and having the theertha prasada during Vanabhojana is considered very auspicious and people travel any distance to participate in this event every year. Further, during Chaturmasya due to some constraints we may not have done the Vratacharane fully. That Vratalopa dosha also would be removed. We will get the phala of doing thousands of Ashwamedha phala and hundreds of Vajapeya yaaga, many ganga Dhatri Havana – Vana Bhojana snaana phala by just doing the vanabhojana. Such is the benefit of Dhathrihavana. 

|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||


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