Eka Kotee Yanthrodharaka Hanumath Stotra Japa

Hare Srinivasa,

If you look back at the last two decades, we could identify very few events that are game changers. I am sure you will all agree in the first decade our monthly Tamil magazines like Tathva Vaadha and Sri Sudha made a lot of impact in TN in our everyday lives and they were very much responsible for increasing the level of adhyatma awareness on our Dvaita philosophy, Acharyaru, Achara and Anushtana. In fact today we see many madhwa homes are following various daily practices and procedures religiously, the credit goes to these magazines and their editors, who due to their tireless efforts, have built the awakening and ensured we start adhering to what is said in the shastras and gradually move forward. 

yantroddaraka hanuman

                           Yantodharaka Hanuman

In the current decade, if you look at one movement that made lot of impact and created a lasting impression, it is none other than the LHVS initiative. This samiti was started way back in the year 2010 in a humble way with a small group of enthusiastic devotees in Chennai Madipakkam and today have reached phenomenal heights and impacted everyone all over India from halli till Delhi. Their honest and simple concept of “mane mane Vayustuthi parayana” has attracted one and all and today the samiti / LHVMSPS trust have expanded in many ways and doing a lot to our madhwa society in terms of coming up with spiritual books, educational, medical and marriage assistance to the deserving folks, while continuing the sacred mantra parayana week after week, day after day. 


                                   Sri Vyasarajaru

In this year they have come up with a new Sankalpa of chanting the powerful and sacred Yanthrodharaka Hanumath Stotra by Sri Sri Vyasarajaru ONE CRORE Times (Eka Kotee Yanthrodharaka Hanumath Stotra Japa) for Lokakshema. Samiti invites you all to join this auspicious endeavor and looking forward to have you all on board.


All they request you is just to register yourself and start chanting this divine YHS stotra and share your count. Please register yourselves at once and let your friends know about this and let us all get our hands together and be part of this transcendent journey and get the blessings of Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu. All details like contacts and steps for registration can be found in the following link.

Eka Kotee Yanthrodharaka Hanumath Stotra Japa

|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||


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