July – Important Days and Anushtanas

Hare Srinivasa,

Here are the Important days and Anushtanaas in the month of JULY 2016.  

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Date        Day      Festival

01           Fri       Ekadasi (Yogini)

02           Sat       Sri Vijayeendra Theerthara Aradhana

04           Mon      Amavasya 

15          Fri        Prathama Ekadasi | Tapta Mudra Dhaarana | Chaturmasya Vratha Aarambha# 

16          Sat       Panchagavya Dwadasi**  | Dakshinayana Aarambha

24          Sun      Sri Jayatheerthara Aradhana

30          Sat       Ekadasi (Kamada)


* Dakshinayana – Parva Punya Kala from Sunrise time.

# Chaturmasya Vratha – Shaka Vratha to be observed from 15-July.

** Mantra for taking Panchagavvya:

yathtvakh asthigataM pApaM dehe tiShThati (mAmake) dehinaH |

prAshanat panchagavyasya dahatyagnirivendhanam ||

Note: Parane to be taken after 06:48 Hrs on 16th July.

|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||


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