Badari Kshetra Mahime

Hare Srinivasa,

We should always remember and rever Sri Trivikrama Panditacharyaru and his son Sri Narayana Panditacharyaru for giving us two great treasures in Hari Vayustuthi and Madhwa Vijaya. Needless to add, these two mantras and like our two eyes to every madhwa. We have heard in pravachanas by scholars asking us to chant both these everyday as they are very sacred and powerful!.

Sri Madhwacharyaru

When it comes to Madhwa Vijaya, the shloka that comes to our mind at once is the famous “Namaste Pranesha…” the penultimate sholka of this great maha kavya(which incidentally is the startup audio for this blog as well). But there is one very important shloka in this entire grantha and can be found in 47th verse of the 6th Chapter. This text is hand-written by Acharya Madhwaru himself to his shisyas before leaving to upper badari for meeting Sri Vedavyasa Devaru. He was still under the mouna vratha & therefore expressed the below message in writing as a parting sandesha. On the eve of his departure to the higher Badari, he left a golden message to his disciples which, every one of us should inscribe in our hearts & cherish as an invaluable treasure:


nedRishaM sthalamalaM shamalaghnaM nAsya tIrtha salilasya samaM vAH |

nAsti viShNu sadRishaM nanu daivaM nAsmadukti sadRishaM hitarUpam || 6.47 

“There is no other holy place equal to Badarikasharama in destroying all sins, no other sacred river equal to Ganga, no other supreme Lord equal to Sri Narayana, no other friendly advice (hita vachana) equal to mine, so beneficial to mankind” (SMV 6th Chapter Verse 47).


Sri Sri Vidyadheesha Theertha Swamiji of Sri Palimaru Mutt visited Badari Kshetra and Haridwar recently and gave an excellent and inspiring pravachana on the greatness of Badari Kshetra and Sri Badari Narayana quoting this great shloka of Acharyaru. Please click on the below link to listen to swamiji’s pravachana.


|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||



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