Interview with Paryaya Sri Pejavar Swamiji

Hare Srinivasa,

Ever since Sri Sri Vishvesha Theertha Swamiji of Sri Pejavar Matha ascended the holiest Sarvajna Peetha on 18-Jan-16 for Sri Krishna Paryaya, Swamiji is very busy all the day right from dawn to dusk taking care of many things related to Sri Krishna pooja, patha, pravachana, attending rajangana program etc. Inspite of this, Swamiji kindly consented to giving Interview to Tamil Tathva Vaadha magazine, which was founded by himself in the year 1998 in Chennai.

Pejavar Swamiji

Please read pages from 9 to 13 in Tamil Tathva Vaadha April issue for the interview. One of the major projects planned by the Swamiji is constructing a Residential School in the holiest Pajaka Kshetra and here English language will also be taught along with our samaskaras. While wrapping up the interview, Swamiji had given  the following sandesha to all the TTV readers.

Sri Pejavar Swamiji’s Sandesha….

       “Everyone is invited to Udupi to have darshan of Lord Sri Krishna and return home with His anugraha. Not to waste time in Facebook, TV etc., and instead try to attend the classes happening around and focus your attention to spiritual activites. We pray our Upasana murthy Sri Mukhya Prana Vittala for the grace and blessings of Sri Krishna to all the readers.” 

|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||


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