Yugadi Acharane

Hare Srinivasa,


We have been discussing the importance of Yugadi celebrations and Panchanga Sharavana. This usually happens in the evening. And we have one very important thing to do in the morning during our Devara pooja, that is Naivedya of Bevu Bella to Lord Sriman Narayana and sweekara later by chanting the below mantra:

shataayurvajradEhaaya sarvasampatkaraaya cha |
sarvaariShTavinaashaaya nimbakadaLabhakShaNam ||

शतायुर्वज्रदेहाय सर्वसंपत्कराय च । सर्वारिष्टविनाशाय निंबकदळभक्षणम् ।।

Meaning – With the bhakshana of Nimbaka dala (bevu-bella, Our body will be fit and strong as a Diamond and it is sarvaarista naashaka.  It raises our ayassu) 

|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||


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