Sri Madhwa Navami – 16Feb16

Hare Srinivasa,


Today is a very auspicious day for us. Madhwa Navami is celebrated on Shukla Paksha Navami(9th day) of Magha maasa every year. It was on this day some 700 years ago, devotees witnessed a miracle in Sri Anantheshwara Temple, Udupi. When Jagadguru Sriman Madhwacharyaru was taking paata to his disciples, there was a sudden celestial pushpa vrushti happened from the skies and that covered Acharyaru fully. When the disciples cleared the flowers later, they found that Madhwaru is not seen and he has left for Upper Badari to be with Lord Sri Vedavyasa. Madhvacharyaru is still present even today in Northern Himalayas (Greater Badari) continuing his spiritual pursuit with Sri Vedavyasaru.

Let us listen to renowned Madhwa Scholar Sri A V Nagasampige‘s pravachana on Madhwa Siddhantha on this sacred day. Here are the links.


Part 2

brahmaantaa guravaH sAkShAt iShTaM daivaM shriyaH patiH |
AchAryAH shrImad AchAryAH santu me janma janmani || 

|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||


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  1. Hari Om,

    Sir, I am from a Tamil Vadagalai iyengaar family. I have doubt regarding Maddhwa Siddhaantha. Sir, What is the meaning of “Hari Sarvoththama, Vayu Jeevoththama”? Sir, everything is God’s creation. Our Jeevathma is an aspect of that creation. Lord Hari is the Paramaathma and is the Almighty who is Omnipotent. How can jeevatma be different from Paramathma except for our ahamkaara or ignorance that we are separate from God? What is the explanation of the Madhwa for the aphorism “Aham Brahmaasmi” of Vedanta? What is the Madhwa explanation for Moksha or Mukthi of our Sanathana Dharma? I will be happy to get answers from an authentic Madhwa, since the question is regarding Madhwa faith. Thank you, Sir.

    Prasanna Seshadri


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