Dwaraka and Kasi Yathra

Hare Srinivasa,

Here is another note from Madhwa Dakshina Yatra on their 2016 plans…. 


We have planned to conduct trips in Feb 2016 to Pancha dwaraka etc., places and Kasi Yathra covering Kasi, Gaya and Allahabad.

22.02.2016 to 04.03.2016 :

Pancha Dwaraka, Mathru Gaya, Pushkar, Somnath, Prabas, Nageshwar, Gopi Talab and Jambavanthana Gufa. Vaidheeka in Dwaraka, Mathrugaya and Pushkar.

07.03.2016 to 16.03.2016 :

Kasi, Gaya, Allahabad and Triveni Sangam. Vaidheeka in Kasi, Gaya and Allahabad and Veni Dhana in Allahabad.

Travel by train and bus. Food prepared by Madhwa bhramins. Room accommodation on twin sharing basis.

For further details contact Gopalakrishna 7708157378 and 9341928324.

|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||


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