Chaturmasya : Dwidala Vratha – 24Oct to 21Nov15

Hare Srinivasa, 

We are in the auspicious Navaratri parva kala and festivities are on everywhere. The most important day for us the Vijaya Dashami / Madhwa Jayanthi is just 2 days away. This day also marks the completion of Ksheera Vratha and from 24th October, the last of the four vrathas the Dwidala Vratha starts. This Vratha needs to be observed from Ashwayuja (Ashvija) Shukla Ekasashi to Karthika Shudda Dashami.

Kshira Vraha Samarpana Mantra:

upaayanamidaM dEva vrutasaMpUrti hEtave |

kShIraMtu dvijavaryaaya sahiraNyaM dadaamyahaM ||

Sankalpa Mantra – Dwidala Vratha:

        kaartikE dvidaLaM dhaanyaM varjayiShyE sadaa harE|

imaM kariShyE niyamaM nirviGnaM kuru kEshava ||

During this period, one should avoid DvidaLaas and bahu-bIja vegetables.

DvidaLa refers to any seed or vegetable which when broken or fried splits into two halves. Examples of such items are All Dalls, green peas.

Bahu-bIja refers to any fruit or vegetable that contains multiple seeds and is covered by an external skin. Examples of such items are apples, grapes, pomegranate, cucumber and so on.

Vegetables & others permitted –

a) Banana and banana products like balekai, Baledindu, Bale Flower, etc.

b) White Dantu soppu, Agase Soppu, Karimevu, Doddipatre soppu, etc.

c) Genasu, Suvarna Gadde, Saamegadde, Coconut, ginger

d) Potato, Milk, Curds, Butter.

|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by S Gururajan on October 20, 2015 at 8:20 am

    going by the skyrocketing price of urad dall one can stay away from its use for whole life


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