Pejawar Mutt to perform ‘Kattige Muhurta’ on 21-Aug @ UDUPI

Hare Srinivasa,

Pejavar Yatidwayaru

The Pejawar Mutt will performing the ‘Kattige Muhurta’, the third of the preliminaries before the next Paryaya festival, at the Car Street here on August 21.

The 84-year-old Sri Sri Vishwesha Tirtha Swamiji of Sri Pejawar Mutt will be ascending the ‘Paryaya Peetha’ also known as the ‘Sarvajna Peetha’ at the 800-year-old Sri Krishna Mutt here for a historic fifth time on January 18, 2016.

Kattige Muhurta

No seer of the Ashta Mutts (eight mutts) has ascended the Paryaya Peetha for a fifth time ever since the biennial Paryaya system was introduced in 1522 A.D. Raghuram Acharya, Diwan of the Pejawar Mutt, told on Monday that the Kattige Muhurta would be held at 8 am near the place marked for ‘Kattige Ratha’ near Madhwa Sarovara on Friday. A procession of priests and devotees carrying firewood on their heads would begin from the Pejawar Mutt at 7 am.

After offering prayers at the Sri Chandramouleshwara Temple, the Sri Ananteshwara Temple and then Sri Krishna Mutt, the procession would return to the Pejawar Mutt. After prayers are offered at the Pejawar Mutt, priests and devotees would take a procession through the Car Street to the place marked for Kattige Ratha at 8 am, where rituals would be held.

Kattige Pooja

It would take about 25 days to a month for the firewood to be arranged in the form of a chariot — known as the Kattige Ratha. A ‘shikara’ would be installed atop this Kattige Ratha during the ‘Bhatta Muhurta’, the fourth and the last of the major preliminaries, to be held before the Paryaya, Mr. Acharya said.

It is the third of the preliminaries before the next Paryaya festival. So we have only few weeks left for the grand event and what a way to start the next calendar year than this!!

|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||


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  1. Posted by SBalaji on August 21, 2015 at 4:11 pm

    Thanks a lot for excellent information regarding Paryyayya. Hare Srinivasa.


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