Sri Jayatheertharu Aradhana – 4Aug15

Hare Srinivasa,

Sri Jayatheertharu

Sri Jayatheertharu(1365-1388) was the sixth pontiff of Sri Madhwacharya Peetha. He occupies the most improtant place not only in the Dvaitha Vedanta, but also in the Indian philosophy. He is considered to be one of the three pillars of the Indian Philosophy writes Surendranath in his monumental work History of Indian Philosophy. He also finds an enviable place in the book entitled “Great Thinkers of the Eastern World” edited by Harper Collins. Acharya Mdhwa’s hardcore philosophy of Dwaitha Vedantha namely the Anuvyakhyana cannot be understood without the glossaries of Sri Jayatheertharu. This work of Jayatheertharu is the famous Sriman Nyaya Sudha. Anuvyahhyana is the commmentary of the Brama Sutras of the Sri Vedavyasa.

Sri Teekacharyaru

It is to be noted that the ocean of Dwaita tradition of Tatvavada philosophy can be appreciated only with the help of Sriman Nyaya Sudha. He defends almost all the important philosophical issues from the dualistic point of view in this great work. There has been strong belief among the followers of Madhwa tradition that Sri Jayatheertharu was a bull in his previous birth and carried the volumes of the work of Acharya Madhwa during travels. This belief is also strongly supported by the life history of Sri Jayatheertharu. He lived only for 43 years and was on the Madhwacharya Peetha for 23 years. In a matter of less than ten years of time his contribution to the philosophical world is unbelievably huge and great. His vidya guru is Sri Akshobya Theertharu a direct disciple of Madhwa order. Let us offer our salutations to this great seer whose Aradhana falls on 4th of August, and be blessed.

Sri Teekarayaru

Also please join in Dharmaprakash this Saturday, 8th Aug for Sri Jayatheerthara Aradhana Celebrations by K K Nagar Madhwa Sangha. 

|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||


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