Adhika Masa Pravachana – Sri Krishna Bala Leela by Sri B N Vijayeendrachar

Hare Srinivasa,  

The devotees in Chennai and in particular Nanganallur are really overwhelmed by the turn of events that started unfolding ever since the Adhika Masa started on 17-June. We are really gifted to listen pravachanas by renowned vidwans like Sri Panindrachar, Sri Kallapur Pavamanachar and currently Sri Praveenachar. As you know Dr. Sri Prabhanjanachar‘s pravachana comes next. To wrap it up, we are thrilled to have Sri B N Vijayeendrachar from Mysore who will be gracing us all with his pravachana during the last week. Sri Vijayeendrachar has delighted us many times in the past and devotees here always recollect and remember how Achar mesmerized all of us with his earlier pravachana on Sri Rukmineesha Vijaya during the last week of Adhika Bhadrapada Masa in 2012. What a coincidence! – this time too it is like that. Please join without fail and I request that we take this opportunity to do our samarpane of all our satkarmas done during this month in our Achar’s presence to Lord Sri Krishna. 

Udupi Sri Krishna Devaru

Bala Leela of Sri Krishna 


Sri B N Vijayeendrachar


Sri B N Vijayeendrachar, Mysore


Parimala Mantapa

Yathi Thraya Sannidhana

Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt

16, 10th Street,

CHENNAI 600 061
Ph:  22671575

Date 11-Jul to 15-Jul-2015
Time 06:30 PM

|| Sri Krishnaarpanamastu ||


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