Godavari Pushkara July 2015

Hare Srinivasa,

Godavari Pushkaralu

This Manmatha year – in addition to Adhika Masa which is being observed now, we have one more celebration coming our way shortly and that is the Godavari Pushkara event on 14-July-2015. Pushkara or Pushkar is a Sanskrit word derived from the element of Push (Pushti) meaning nourishment and Kara means one who does it. Pushkara is the energy that nourishes. With reference to the sacred rivers, Pushkara means the one who energize the rivers and provide spiritual purification. Pushkara also means Lotus, sanctified water, Swan, Sword, Sky, Lake Etc… In Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stothra shloka # 5 we find a reference to the word Pushkara where Lord Sri Maha Vishnu is referred to as Pushkaraakshah meaning the one who has lotus eyes, the one who provides nourishment to the entire Universe and the one who is always present in sacred Theerthas. In Tirumala Kshethra the lake near Sri Varaha Swamy temple is known as is known as Swamy Pushkarini.Godavari Pushkara July 15It is our ardent duty to respect and follow the traditions and culture pioneered by our elders with a great foresight and Pushkaram is one such sacred Hindu sampradaya that has descended from Sages which is highly auspicious and meritorious.

The word splits as ‘Push’ means to ‘Nourish’ and ‘Kara’ means ‘Who performs’. It is a special energy which nourishes. When Jupiter comes into a new zodiac sign then the Pushkara, along with Lord Brahma and all deities would be with him (with Jupiter) in the first 12 days called Aadi Pushkara and the last 12 days called Antya Pushkara. Please click on the following links for more details on this.

## More news & articles on Pushkara.  

## Special Trains for Godavari Pushkara.

|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||


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