Shri Shri Vishwesha Theertha Swamiji, Pejavar Matha

Pejavar Swamiji


           Sri Krishna left for Hastinapura for peace talk. He elaborately put forward His message for ‘peace’ before Duryodhana and others. Duryodhana wanted to somehow get Sri Krishna on to his side and therefore had made elaborate arrangements to host Him. However he was not prepared to listen to Sri Krishna’s message. Krishna did not like this attitue of Duryodhana. Therefore Krishna was not prepared to accept the hospitality from the one who was reluctant to accept His message. That is why Sri Krishna did not even wish to look at the arrangements made by Duryodhana.

             We also perform ‘pooja’ to God and offer several things in a grand fashion. ‘Shruti Smriti‘ are Lord’s commands. However we are not prepared to listen to them. Therefore just like Duryodhana’s arrangements, Lord will not accept even our offerings. We have to follow Lord’s commands to the extent possible. Only then He will accept our offerings and bless us. 


Pujya Sri Pejavar Swamigala “GURUBHAKTI”!!!

Pejavar Swamiji with Sri Vidyamanya Theertharu

Pujya Swamiji was asked “What is the secret behind your versatility performing ‘countless tasks for society’ with ‘stainless-integrity’ of a Peethaadhipati, exhibiting ‘exquisite wit’ with an ‘enchanting smile’ and now you are about to ascend ‘Paryaaya Peetha for the 5th time’ with close to ’80 years of noble sanyaasa’ in your armour?”
Pujya Swamigalu said with humble folded hands YELLA NAMMA GURUGALA ANUGRAHA”

|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||


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