Adhika Maasa Significance

Hare Srinivasa,

Lord Vishnu

The very auspicious ADHIKA MAASA is just few days away and devotees all over will be busy with their final preparations for the upcoming sacred period. The shloka given below is very important and one has to recite this shloka everyday for at least 33 times during the Adhika Masa. You will also hear this shloka as the startup audio from today till 16-July on this blog. 

Goverdhana-Dharam Vande Gopalam Goparupinam |

Gokulotsavameeshaanam Govindam Gopikapriyam ||

Please click on the below link to listen to Adhika Masa Mahatme Pravachana by Sri B N Vijayeendrachar, Mysore.

Sri BN Vijayeendrachar

* Adhika Masa Significance

|| Sri Krishnarpanamasthu ||


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  1. Posted by P B Srinivasa Rao on May 31, 2015 at 7:24 pm

    NamakaraThank you  for sending message on Adhika MaasaP B S RAO


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