Sri Kurnool Srinivasachar’s pravachana in CHENNAI

Hare Srinivasa,

The October month in this JAYA Samvatsara is going to be a special month for Chennai devotees. We have the fourth month of the Chaturmasa (Dvidala Vratha) being observed and in addition the most eagerly awaited vidwan Sri Kurnool Srinivasachar’s pravachana programs will be happening in Chennai. As you know

Achar has already taken the Pravachana media(both Online and Offline) by storm in the recent months and many of you were witness to the same during Sri Jayatheertharu Aradhana Celebrations @ Dharmaprakash in July, where Achar enthralled the audience by his pravachana on “Chinthane Krama” for more than an hour. Now we are fortunate to have Sri Srinivasachar with us for a week’s time!!. This is the first time Sri Achar is going to give pravachana in Chennai for 7 days. So readers, please pass on the following details to others and let us all make use of this golden opportunity.

  1. Bhagavata Sarodhara Pravachana

    Sri Uttaradi Mutt, Triplicane.

    Date: 8-Oct to 14-Oct

    Time: 6:30 to 8:30 PM

    Phone: 044-28440988

  2. Adhyatma Rasa Ranjani Pravachana

    Sri Krishna Sri Raghavendra Mutt, T Nagar.

    Date: 8-Oct to 14-Oct

    Time: In the afternoon

    Phone: 044-28156286

You may please check Achar’s site for recordings of his earlier pravachanas.

|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||


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