Proshtapadi Bhagavata begins – 26Aug

Hare Srinivasa,

The auspicious Bhadrapada masa is starting tomorrow(26-Aug-14) and it is time for Sri Proshtapadi Bhagavata pravachana. The duration of 15 days between Bhadrapada Shukla Pratipat to Poornima is called Proshtapadi. It is prescribed in our doctrines to recite or listen to sacred Bhagavata Purana during this period. It has been a tradition in our SRS Mutts everywhere to organise such lectures every year. If you are not near to one such place, here are some links to listen to the Bhagavata Purana which is considered as the first among the 18 puranas by Sri Vedavysasa Devaru.

Proshtapdi Bhagavata by Sri Kurnool Srinivasacharya

Bhagavata pravachana by Sri Vyasanakere Prabhanjanacharya

Shrimad Bhagavata UpanyAsa Malika by Sri Suvidyendra Thirtharu

Prostapadi Bhagavatha Discourse Series by Vidvan Sri A.Haridasa Bhat

|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||


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