Sri Raghavendra Saptaaha Mahotsava 2015 in Chennai

Hare Srinivasa,

Today (12-Aug-14) is the Madhya Aradhana day of Mantralaya Mahaprabhu, Kalpavriksha Kamadhenu Sri Sri Raghavendra Theertha Gurusarvabhoumaru. What an auspicious day for us!! I am happy and pleased to share some good news on this day to TN devotees and those in Chennai in particular. Though I am aware that you all will not be reading this blog today and will be busy in one of the Rayara Kshetras near your place offering your sadhane and seve to great Sri Rayaru. I am very sure you will all agree that, for us the devotees of Rayaru, not only Mantralayam, but every mutt where our Rayaru Mrithika Brindavana is present is a Kshetra!!!. There need not be an iota of doubt on this. As we have heard lot of miracles done by Sri Rayaru to His devotees from several brindavanas and how they are blessed. Indeed it is our fortune that we have such a Gurugalu in Rayaru who is so graceful and we should be all very proud of this for sure.

On this great day, the news I wanted to share is – Sri Raghavendra Saptaaha Mahotsava 2015 is going to be celebrated in Chennai @ DHARMAPRAKASH from Feb 19 to Feb 25. The duration of seven days is called SAPTAAHA in Sanskrit. And most of the devotees of Sri Gururayaru are aware of an interesting fact that there is a duration of exact one week between the Pattabhisheka day and Birth day of Sri Rayaru. Hence it is known as Sri Raghavendra Saptaaha. Obviously it is a very

Chennai Saptaaha

special and auspicious week for all of us. So we can look forward to daily Samasthana Pooja by Srigalu, Pundithara Pravachana, Anugraha Sandesha by Sri Palimar Swamiji who is going to preside over the entire event, Lakshmi Shobhane pooja and Dasavani concerts and all. It is going to be an eventful week during February for us. So the countdown begins now and let’s all get together and make this Saptaaha Mahatsova in Chennai function a grand success. Please watch this page for more updates on this.

|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||




6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by VIJENDRAN R on August 12, 2014 at 9:38 am

    Thanks for the information. The function will be a grand success.


  2. Posted by Radhakrishna on November 22, 2014 at 11:02 pm

    It will be grand grand success ,om sri Raghavendrayanamaha


  3. Posted by Vijay on February 19, 2015 at 10:35 pm

    Is Saptaaha programmes available online?


  4. Posted by parthakudi raghavendra srinivasa on February 20, 2015 at 5:13 pm

    We are eagerly waiting to watch the live concert of day to day programme. Let the function be a grand success in all events.


  5. Posted by r krishnarao on February 21, 2015 at 11:04 am

    Namaskar. Seeking rayar’s blessings on this happy occasion.


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