Sthree Dharma Tamil Book Reprint

Hare Srinivasa,

With the start of the new Jaya year, we have some good news coming from Srirangam. As you all know that Tamil Tathva Vaadha editor Smt. Saraswathy Sripathy has compiled and released “Sthree Dharma” Tamil book in 2009, which was a big success and was sought after by the Tamil readers and all the copies got exhausted in short time. Please CLICK HERE to view an earlier article in this blog on this book. Since then, there have been requests for fresh copies from many readers and they have been communicating this need through the TTV representatives and to TTV office directly. TTV Editor has now decided to reprint both the parts of Sthree Dharma book to benefit our readers in their anushtaana.

You can see the announcement in April issue of Tamil Tathva Vaada, wherein the procedure to get the book is given. Also please note, for those who register their copies before 1st May, the price of both the parts is only Rs.350/-. The cost of the books will be Rs. 400 from next month. In both cases Courier charges as applicable. The book will be released during June 2014. Devotees are requested to make use of this opportunity and kindly confirm their requirements at once. Please call @ 0431-2436502 for more details.

|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||





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