Inauguration of Krishna Sarovara @ Neelavara Goshala

Hare Srinivasa,

Pranaprathistapana of Kalingamardhana Sri Krishna idol and inauguration of New Krishna Sarovara (holy tank) in Udupi Neelavara goshala.

Auspicious inauguration of Sarovara and Pranaprathistapana of Kaalinga mardhana Sri Krishna idol will take place on January 14th and January16th 2014 respectively in Neelavara goshala, Udupi. Special poojas, homas, chanting of mantras and bhajans will take place under the presence of divine Swamijis.

1200 cows saved from slaughter houses are protected here under the divine guidance and leadership of Pejawara Adhokshaja Mutt Swamiji Shri Vishwesha Thirtha Swamiji and junior pontiff Shri Vishwaprasanna Thirtha Swamiji. Shelter, water and medical assistance round the clock are provided to these abandoned cows by the revered Swamijis in this 27 acre goshala with green surroundings.

This Neelavara goshala is located at 18kms from Udupi Sri Krishna temple. Buses and tourist taxis are available from Mangalore railway station up to Udupi. Autos or taxis can be engaged to go up to Neelavara goshala.

Worshiping cows is equivalent to worshiping of 33crore Devathas, say the Vedas. Paying respects to cows is like paying respects to our dear mother, say the Holy Scriptures. To erase our sins and to get rid off from evil forces, one should perform Go seva, Godhana, Gosamrakshana etc. Such holy and heavenly rituals can be done in Neelavara goshala. Priests, necessary buildings and infrastructure are available inside for it.

All are welcome for this heavenly Pranaprathistapana and get everlasting fortune, happiness, and prosperous children with the blessings of Kamadhenu and Sri Gopalakrishna.

All contributions to this noble cause are exempted from tax(80g).

Contributions can be sent in favour of “GOVARDHANAGIRI TRUST”, Payable at CHENNAI.





UDUPI 576101


For more details please contact:

Sri Krishna Sri Raghavendra Mutt

No. 17, Raghavaiah Road,

T Nagar, Chennai – 600 017.

Ph: 28157982

|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||


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