Nava Masa Tatvajnaana Yagna @ SRIRANGAM

Hare Srinivasa,

Bhooloka Vaikuntam” Srirangam kshetra can be called as the Madhwa capital of TN, as it is like a hub and we have several Dvaita pundits there and three of the popular monthly magazines in Tamil and the famous Madhwabandhu Panchanga also comes from this place. Tamil Tathvavaadha Magazine which has its headquarters here is also striving very hard for more than a decade to organize many spiritual events and programs for the benefit of our Madhwas in TN and outside. The annual Thulamasa Saptaprakara Sabha program is like a jewel in the crown of TTV activities and many hundreds of devotees from all over India have participated and got the blessings of Lord Sri Ranganatha Swamy in the last 12 years.

In a first of its kind initiative, “NAVA MASA TATVAJNAANA YAGNA” program has commenced recently wherein several vidwans and scholars will be visiting Srirangam and will be giving pravachana for a period of 9 days both during morning and evening. This will go on for 9 months. What an opportunity for Srirangam devotees and I am sure they will revisit all their travel plans for next 9 months and make sure they stay back home so as to not miss this golden opportunity of lifetime.

Please CLICK HERE for more info on pravachana dates and other details.

Please contact for more details:

Ph: 0431 – 2436502


|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||


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