ABMM – Diamond Jubilee Celebrations 1953-2013

Hare Srinivasa,

The most revered Swamiji of Pejawar Math, Sri Vishwesha Theertharu has just completed his 75th year Chaturmasya vratha at Bijapur. As you all know in his illustrious 75 years of sanyasa acharane, he has established several institutions, organizations and taken many initiatives for the benefit of Madhwa society in particular and Hindu Community in general. We are highly indebted to Swamiji for all his tireless efforts and concern and care for the society. Well how we mere mortals can summarize the great deeds of Sri Swamiji in just few words/pages.

I think even if we celebrate a SAPTAAHA on topic “Sri Pejawar Swamiji’s achievements” with the great scholars like Sri Haridas Bhat, Sri Nagasampige, Sri D Prahaladachar, Sri G P Nagarajachar and Sri B N Vijayeendrachar, we would not be able to do justice and we would have just made a beginning. Such is the contribution by Sri Swamiji in the last several decades and we are very fortunate to have lived in the same period as the Swamiji and we should always thank Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu for that.

Among the many institutions founded by Pejawar Swamiji, Sri Poornaprajna Vidyapeeta in Bangalore is very popular and has contributed significantly to Madhwas by sending Sudha pundits and trained scholars year after year for our upliftment. Sri Pejawar Swamiji himself has completed more than 30 Sudha Mangala Mahothsavas. Due to all this, the erstwhile Karnataka Govt has given a fitting tribute by renaming the Kathiriguppe Main Road housing the great Vidyapeeta as Dr. Vishweshatheertha Swamiji Road

Pejwar Swamiji has also established the Akhila Bharata Madhwa Mahamandala(ABMM) in the year 1953 and it has completed 60 years now in 2013. It is time for the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. Tamil Tathva Vaada Magazine is also started and nurtured by ABMM since 1998. To commemorate this event only, TTV Tamil has designed a special Vijaya Samvatsara daily calendar as a mark of respect and submission to Pejawar Swamiji and distributed to all the TTV subscribers early this year. It is proposed to celebrate this great milestone for a span of 5 days in Sri Poornaprjana Vidyapeetha and please find the details below. Devotees are requested to make use of this Golden Opportunity by participating and get the blessings from the greatest Swamiji of our times.




11Dec Wed


12Dec Thu

Sriman Nyayasudha Mangala Mahotsava

13Dec Fri

Geetha Jayanthi – Geetha Yajna

14Dec Sat

ABMM 27th All India Tatvajnaana Sammelana

15Dec Sun

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of ABMM Mandala


Poornaprajna Vidyapeetha

Dr. Vishweshateertha Swamiji Road [Kathiriguppa Main Road]

Bangalore – 560 028

Please contact for more details:

Ph: 080 – 26690809, 26690068 | Fax: 080-26691267

e-mail: hnn_rao@yahoo.com

|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||


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