New Book: Devapuja Paddhati in Tamil and English

Hare Srinivasa!

Devapuja Paddhati,

(With Shlokas & Instructions in Sanskrit & Tamil)

I am pleased to write a brief note here on the new books released by Gopalacharya Janma Shatamanotsava Samiti, Chennai. As you are aware, this samiti has already published many books including “Mantra Stotra Mala”, Narayana Varma and Sundara Kanda. The Mantra Stotra Mala book along with the Audio CD is very popular and has reached lot of our madhwa homes. Recently the samiti has released a new book “Devapuja Paddhati” in English and Tamil. This is a translation of the original book “POOJA RAHASYA” in Kannada by Sri Vidyasimhacharya, Mumbai.

The above book is translated in Two languages:

In English –

Devapuja Paddhati by Prof. P Venkataramana Rao, Chennai

Pages: 254 Price : Rs.150

In Tamil –

Devapuja Paddhati by Smt. Chandrika Ramprasad, Chennai

Pages: 278 Price : Rs.150

Contents of the book:-

Sanskrit in Frist 50 Pages –

First 50 pages contain Sanskrit Portions in both the books. The items are:

Narayana Japa-Krama,



Deva Puja Paddhati (in 20 Pages),

Vaiswa-Deva & Baliharana,

Hastodaka Methods and Procedures,


Transliteration upto Page 119

The same above Mantras are transliterated in English and Tamil in respective books up to Page 119.

Full Translation till the End

Translation with detailed explanations are given under the heading “POOJA RAHASYA” in rest of the pages. Charts and diagrams are given with explanation in English and Tamil respectively. This book will be very useful to the English knowing devout Madhwas. Similarly in Tamil version too, there are several charts attached and though the matter discussed is very tough to comprehend, one will be able to easily understand the Tamil translation and follow. It is doubtful that if we have any other book ever released under the heading “Devara Pooja” with so many details like this.

Rs. 150/- (Rupees One Hundred and Fifty only)

Copies can be had from:

Ananda Teertha Vidyalaya,

(Gopolacharya Vidyapeetha)

30/15, Raja Hanumantha Street,


CHENNAI 600 005

Ph: 044 – 28443661

Sri R Murali

New No. 8 (Old No.30) Vasudevapuram,

Ice House,


CHENNAI 600 005.

Ph: 9952099223, 044 – 28443387


|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||


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