TTV Vijaya Calendar – Reminder

Hare Srinivasa,

This is a gentle reminder for those who are yet to collect the Tamil Tathva Vadha VIJAYA Samvatsara Calendar. As you are aware, the contact details of the representatives are published in the Apr & May TTV Magazine and I believe most of you have already collected the Calendar from them. We have also got very 

good feedback from you and everyone has appreciated the format and the colorful pictures included in it. In case you need the calendar please get in touch with Tathva Vadha office @ 0431-2436502 to locate a nearest point for you. As announced earlier, TTV readers need to just pay Rs.20 only towards the cost for this year calendar and for others the cost is Rs.100(One Hundred only). TTV readers, please fill in the form given in the April issue and submit the same to the TTV representatives when you collect the Calendar. In case you need any help, please either call Srirangam office or leave a comment with your contact details in this post and I will respond to that.

|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||


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