Khandgrass Chandra Grahana on 25-Apr-13

Hare Srinivasa,

As we have stepped into the Vijaya Nama Samvatsara, let us hope and pray that this new year will bring great success to us and with Hari Vayu Gurugalu’s blessings let us try to do more sadhane this year than the earlier one. With the onset of New Year, celebrations have already started everywhere for the Sri Rama Navami Utsava, which is on 19-Apr-13.

Immediately after Rama Navami, we have the Chandra Grahana happening on 25-Apr-13 mid-night. We saw two Chandra Grahana during the Khara Samvatsara and there was no Grahana during Nandana. So after a long gap, we are having this parva kala and let’s try to make full use of this opportunity as this lasts only for 34 minutes. Sri Srimushnam Nagarajachar cautions that we should not spend too much time even for sankalpa during these parva punya kala and get straight to our job of doing japa and parayana during the very auspicious time. Bhojana should be taken before 03:30 PM on 25th and one should strictly not consume any eatables/drinks after this time till next day morning sunrise.

This will be a partial lunar eclipse will be visible in India and most part of Asia and this Eclipse occurs in Swati Nakshatra, Thula Rashi on Thursday night.

Grahana Timings:

Sparsha : 01.22 AM (26-Apr)

Madhya : 01.39 AM (26-Apr)

Moksha : 01.55 AM (26-Apr)

Total Parva Kala : 34 Mins.

Shuba Pala : Simma, Vrishaba, Makara, Dhanusu

Madhya Pala : Kanya, Mithuna, Mesha, Kumbha

Ashuba Pala : Thula, Karka, Meena, Vrichika

Grahana kaala is called as “Parva Kaala” and in anushtaana, it is like Ekadasi Vrata. If one make use of this opportunity by taking bath at the appropriate time and spending the parva kala by doing Gayatri Japa and parayana of Vishnusahasranama, Hari Vayuistuti, Rayar Stotra & other stotra, then you will get abundant punya. At the same time, if one just ignores it and continue with the regular stuff like eating and sleeping during the Grahana time, then you will have to face the consequences for sure. Sri V Prabhanjanachar in his VIJAYA Panchanga Shravana has emphasized enough(almost 8+ minutes) on the importance of Grahana Anushtaana and its significance. He adds, if one miss to take the Moksha Snaana, then the sootaka(“Mailiye”) continues till next Grahana kaala snaana and all the efforts in-between would be in vain and will not fetch any good.

So let us all make use of this highly auspicious time (after all it occurs during the midnight when everyone is at home) by taking the bath during the sparsha time and spend the next half an hour in Japa and Parayana till the Moksham happens. Also note this is the only grahana visible to us during this year.

|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Pushpa Puranik on April 18, 2013 at 11:22 pm




  2. Posted by Balaji on April 19, 2013 at 12:34 pm

    Hi Thanks for the very useful information. one small clarification you have mentioned that we should not eat & sleep, since the parva kala is happening in the midnight of 1:22 am usually we will be sleeping this time regularly. should we not sleep at this time on 26th april for 34 Minutes.


  3. It is a timely advice very much required for middle class people who wish to come up in life by acquiring punya by proper means.sincerely yours


  4. very useful service to followers of Madehwachr avargalu


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