New Book – VISHWESHA CHANDRIKA – Collection of 80 Upanyasa by Sri Pejawar Swamiji

Hare Srinivasa, 

Like every year the annual Tula Masa Sapta Prakara Pradakshina Sabha event organized by Tamil Tathva Vaada in Srirangam was held in a grand manner this year during Nov 1 week. Though many devotees from several places participated, the usual crowd was not to be seen. But those present were lucky ones to witness Samasthana pooja by Sri Pejawar and Sri Palimar swamijis and got an opportunity to listen to Anugraha Bhashana by Swamijis, Pravachanas by various pundits and the discussion on “Rishi Panchami” on the last day was enlightening to everyone. The veena recital by Koralahalli Sri Srinivasachar mesmerized the devotees and left asking for more. His Veena recital was too good and it looked to me as a vocal concert rather than an instrumental concert that evening. Srimushnam Sri V Nagarajachar was felicitated by Sri Pejawar Swamiji and honoured with “KULA DHARMA KAINKARYA BHOOSANA” award for his selfless long service to our community.

Sri Pejawar Swamiji’s Sahasra Chandra Darshana Celebrations was also observed during this Tula Masa Sapta Prakara Pradakshina event. The highlight of the event was the release of a new book in Tamil “VISHWESHA CHANDRIKA” – A collection of 80 Upanyasas on Ramayana, Bharatha, Bhagavata and Adyatmika Sandeshas by the most revered Sri Vishwesha Theertha Swmaiji of Sri Pejavar Mutt, Udupi. Swamiji’s sandhesha have come in Kannda and Tamil Tathva Vaada magazines for long time. Tamil Tathva Vaada editor Smt. Saraswathy Sripathy has compiled them and came up with the idea of publishing them in a separate book for the benefit of our community and offering it at the lotus feet of the Swamiji as a mark of our respect during the Sahasra Chandra Darshana Celebrations.

This book is a must have one in our Madhwa homes. Our Swamiji has given classic examples and quotes from the epics and puranas in his sandeshas making it simple and at the same time thought provoking for the listeners. Swamiji has the knack of putting his messages across in a gentle and at the same time impactful way, such that one who listens will start adhering to what our Swamiji has said. It is our fortune and blessings of our forefathers that we live in the same period as Pejavar Sripadaru. A few generations later, we would be counted as blessed to have seen and hear him personally the way today we consider the people who had the good fortune to personally see and listen to Rayuru and Vadirajaru and such great yatis!!

Another important thing here is, the forewords for this book written by many scholars and pundits on their experience with the Pejawar Swamiji in “Nanu nodida Swamiji” (Naan Kanda Swamiji – in Tamil). They are Sri Prahaladachar, Sri Haridas bhat, Sri Nagasampige, Sri B N Vijayeendrachar and Sri Praveenachar. Reading to these notes makes us wonder what a great Swamiji he is and our respect and regards for Sri Pejawar Swamiji increases manifold.

Copies of this book can be had from:

  1. Tamil Tathva Vada office, # 33 Varithi Nagar, Srirangam, Trichy -6. Ph: 0431 – 2436502
  2. Sri Praveen Achar, Sri Krishna Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, T Nagar, Chennai-17. Ph: 044-28156286
  3. Sri Krishna Mandira, Sunkuwar Street, Triplicane, Chennai-5. Ph: 044-28446546

Price :  Rs. 30 /-

Before I conclude just want to add, there is one Shloka in Madhwa Vijaya and this is one of the important shlokas in entire Madhwa Vijaya. This text is hand-written by Acharya Madhwaru himself to his shisyas before leaving to upper badari for meeting Sri Vedavyasa Devaru. He was still under the mouna vratha & therefore expressed the below message in writing. On the eve of his departure to the higher Badari, he left a golden message to his disciples which, every one of us should inscribe in our hearts & cherish as an invaluable treasure:

nedRishaM sthalamalaM shamalaghnaM nAsya tIrtha salilasya samaM vAH |

nAsti viShNu sadRishaM nanu daivaM nAsmadukti sadR^ishaM hitarUpam.h || 6.47 ||

“There is no other holy place equal to Badarikasharama in destroying all sins, no other sacred river equal to Ganga, no other supreme Lord equal to Sri Narayana & no other friendly advice (hita vachana) equal to mine, so beneficial to mankind” (verse 47).

I want to add: Similarly to take us all through the Sadhana Marga of our Acharyaru and uplift us, there is one and only Sri Pejawar Vishwesha Theertha Swamiji and no one else!!!

|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||


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