Sri Gita Jayanthi – 24 Dec 2012

Hare Srinivasa, 

We are in the very auspicious Dhanur Masa and we have Sri Gita Jayanthi on 24th Dec, Ekadasi day. What an auspicious day for us!! As you are aware, this type of jayanthi celebrations is not being observed for any other grantha/stotra. Only Gita Jayanthi is celebrated in a big way. This is on this day Lord Sri Krishna delivered the universal and suitable for all time sandesha to the mankind.

Gita is very dear to Sri Madhva. His maiden work is ‘Gita Bashya‘. Later Acharya Madhwaru has penned one more grantha by the name ‘Gita Tatparya‘ thereby emphasizing how important Sri Bhagavad Gita is to everyone. Also our great guru has quoted shlokas from 15th chapter in many of his granthas. Gita is very dear to Sri Krishna as well. In this work He has addressed Himself as ‘Purushotama‘.

‘Purushotama’ is not a mere name. All the ‘jivas’ in this cosmos can be classified under two groups namely ‘Kshara’ and ‘Akshara’. As He is superior to both these classes, he is Uttama Purusha. He has said that it is quoted in the Vedas and is also well known in this world. This is the essence of all ‘shaastras’. One who has understood this concept is ‘sarvavith’ – ‘Sa sarvavith bhajathi maam’.

‘Sarvavith’ and ‘Sarvajna’ carry the same meaning. ‘Sarvajna’ is Sri Madhva’s name. There is no other ‘Mathacharya’ with this name. Therefore Lord Krishna on the day of Gita jayanthi itself declared to Arjuna that, ‘In kaliyuga only Madhva who has correctly understood the ‘Purushotama Tatva’ will be presenting this ‘tatva’ through his ‘Sarva Moola Grantha’.

Let us not miss this divine opportunity on 24th and chant yatha sakthi parayana of Gita Shlokas on this day and earn the blessings of Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu. Gita Mahatmya is extensively discussed in Padma Purana and even chanting one Shloka of Gita everyday will do a lot good for us and bring immense benefits. And we need to note here that, Gita Chanting is very easy even for beginners as Lord Sri Krishna has said those great words in simple form and not difficult like Taittiriya Upanishad or Pavamana Suktha. Still if you need some help, please click on the below link to listen to this sacred Gita Shlokas. 

|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu ||


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