BRAHMASHRI Prashasti for Sri Pejavar Swamiji by Chennai Chaturmaasya Seva Samithi

Hare Srinivasa,

I wrote a few days ago that parva punya kala is continuing in Chennai even after the adhika masa ended with the presence of great Sri Pejavar Swamiji for 74th Chaturmaasya Vratha. It is indeed a great opportunity(Idhu Bhgaya, Idhu Bahgya, Idhu Bhagyavayya…….) for us in Chennai and we are benefitted by attending and participating to various events and programs during that last 3 months with Sri Swamiji. In-spite of his commitments, our Swamiji was gracious enough to spend more than 2 hours at Sri Krishna Mandira on 22Sep evening with youths of Chennai and answered and advised to all the questions put forth by the audience. Whatever queries you have, Swamiji was ready with a clear and logical solution which will catch your mind and easy to follow.

Now the chaturmasa kala for the Swamiji is coming to an end and in this regard, Shri Shri Vishwesha Theertha Swamiji Chaturmaasya Seva Samithi, Chennai organized a grand function in Karnataka Sangha, T Nagar on 28Sep to commemorate this great event. Dasara Keerthanas was rendered by famous artist Smt. Sudha Raghunathan and the state governor was the chief guest for the function. We, the madhwa community have been greatly benefitted by the anugraha and blessings of the pejavar Swamiji for many years and the Samithi decided to honour our great and senior most swamji with “BRAHMASHRI”  prashasti. Sri Ramprasad and Sri Gangaprasad emphasised and underlined the great achievements spanning over 7 decades by Sri Pejavar Senior Swamiji. Swamiji in his acceptance speech appreciated the dedication and devotion shown by the devotees in Chennai during the Chaturmasa.   

Chennai folks, you have one more chance tomorrow – Samasthana Pooja by Sri Pejavar Swamigalu will happen in Dharmaprakash, Egmore on 30Sep, Sunday @ 8AM followed by pravachana by pundits and Anugraha Bhashana by Swamiji. Let us all get-together in Dharmaprakash on Sunday morning on this historic occasion of the conclusion of 74th Chaturmaasya Vratha by Sri Pejavar Swmaiji. The Chaturmasya organizing committee invites everyone to come and participate in this event and get the blessings of Sri Hari Vayu Gurugalu. So readers please inform this to your relatives and friends and let us make sure all roads lead to Dharmaprakash tomorrow. Also note another golden opportunity awaits the youths and young aspirants this Sunday – Swamiji will be addressing our youth and children on Sep 30th evening 4PM at Sri Uttaradhi Mutt, Triplicane and after this Question and Answer session will follow. For more details please call 98845 04122.

|| Sri Krishnaarpanamastu ||


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