Youth Special Sandesha by Sri Pejavar Swamiji – 22Sep12 @ Triplicane

Haraye Namaha,  

Though the Auspicious Adhika Masa has ended, it doesn’t matter for Chennai folks, as the great Sri Pejavar Visvesha Theertha Swamiji is still in Chennai with us observing 74th Chaturmasya Vratha. Any good deeds done in his divine presence and blessings will continue to give us abundant punya and phala for sure!!! There need not be an iota of doubt on this. Here comes a golden opportunity for Chennai devotees particularly the Youths as the Swamiji is going to deliver a Youth Special Anugraha Sandesha on 22-Sep-12 @ 04:30 PM at Sri Krishna Mandira, Triplicane, Chennai – 5. PH: 044 – 28446546 | 94442 17094.

This program is organized by Nana Jana Seva Trust(NJST) and the trust humbly invites you one and all to this Face-to-Face program with the senior most madhwa Swamiji today. Renowned pundits are also going to be part of this event wherein you can raise any doubts/questions on our Achara/Vichara and get it clarified by Pundits and HH Swamiji.  

Please pass on this word to everyone you know and help them attend this program and get benefitted. There is going to be a book-release event “Sri Visvesha Vani” on 80 great upanyasa’s by Pejavar SwamijiI prior to this session. Not only that all the participants will receive Lord Sri Krishna vigraha from the amruta hastha of Sri Swamiji. Looking forward to see you all there @ Triplicane on 22Sep.

|| Sri Krishnaarpanamastu ||


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