Adhika Masa in NANDANA Samvatsara

Hare Srinivasa,

The ongoing Nandana Nama samvatsara(2012) is a special year as we have the very auspicious ADHIKA MASA coming during the Bhadrapada masa from 18-Aug-12 to 16-Sep-12. This month is also known as ‘Purushothama Masa’ as Lord Sri Narayana is the masa niyamaka for this month. In any other month two days are considered sacred and they are Ekadasi days as it is called Haridina. In Adhika masa all the 30 days are very important as Lord Sri Hari is to be worshipped. Bhagavatha Pravachana is usually arranged during Adhika Masa everywhere. Reading of sacred scripts especially Bhagavatha during Adhika Masa is given high significance and considered as highly meritorious.

Lord Hari tells Lakshmi that whatever punya kaarya done in Adhika Masa like snaana, japa, homa will bring akshaya phala. Deepa daana & Apoopa daana are to be given during this month. Everyone should give Apoopa daana at least once during this sacred period. Apoopa is a sweet dish made with Rice flour, jiggery and ghee. We should give 33 apoopa as dhana along with a brass plate. This type of charity is considered to be highly meritorious and bestows significant results.

An Adhika Maasa is a Lunar month during which there is no Surya Sankramana or solar transit. This extra month known as Adhika Masa occurs at regular intervals of 32 or 33 solar months to maintain the balance between Solar and Lunar Calendars. Lot of solemnity is attached to the Adhika Maasa in Hindu religion and spirituality. Adhika is a Sanskrit word, that also means the best, the greatest, powerful, and extraordinary. It is measured more glorious than all other months in terms of its merits.

Though Adhika Maasa is considered as very auspicious and sacred for religious and spiritual pursuits it is considered as inauspicious for performing certain other rituals. Some of the activities to be avoided during Adhika Maasa are Upanayana samskara, Vivaaha, Gruha Pravesa, Shasti Poorthi and Devatha Prathista etc…

Lord Sri Krishna says……

Purushottama Sri Krishna said, “Oh Vishnu, you have done a very great deed by bringing this extra month to Me. You will become even more famous for performing this act. Because You have accepted this Malamasa, I will also accept her. I shall make this poor extra month just like Me in quality, fame opulence, realization, success, and in giving benediction to the devotees. This month will become equally potent to Me. I am bestowing all of My divine qualities in this abused month. Named after Me, this month will be famous as Purushottama month in this world.

“Oh Janardana, now that she has imbued My qualities, I Myself will become the husband and protector of this Purushottama month. And being equal to Me, this month will be the master of all other months. Now this month will become worshipable by one and all. Everyone should pay their obeisance to her, everyone should worship her. This month is equally as powerful as Me to give any type of benediction to its observer. The worshiper of this month will be able to burn all this past sinful reactions to ashes, and after enjoying a blissful life in the material realm, he will return back to Godhead.

All human beings should perform some devotional service in this Purushottama month by:

1. Worshipping Me, Sri Krishna, by chanting My holy name

2. Study of Srimad Bhagavatam and Bhagavad-gita, particularly Chapter Fifteen, Purushottama Yoga

3. Giving in charity

4. Offering ghee diya (lamp) daily


Rudra devaru says:

All we demigods, including Lord Brahma and all the great saints like Narada, worship this Purushottama month in accord with the order of Lord Sri Krishna. A devotee of Purushottama month achieves all good fortune in this life and at the end of his life he goes back to the abode of Lord Sri Krishna.


Narada says:

“Oh this Purushottama month is the best of all months, it is the best of all kinds of vratas and austerities. Even if one just hears the glories of Purushottama month faithfully, he will achieve devotional service to the Supreme Lord Purushottama, and all of his sinful reactions will be immediately nullified. One who performs Purushottama vrata and worships Purushottama month properly will achieve unlimited merit and thus attain God’s abode.


Please find the links for Audio files on Adhika Masa Mahatme by Sri Suvidyendra Theertha Swamji and Sri B N Vijayeendrachar, Mysore.

  • Adhika Masa Significance by Sri B N Vijayeendrachar, Mysore.

The shloka given below is very important and one has to recite this shloka everyday for 33 times during the Adhika Masa.

Goverdhana-Dharam Vande Gopalam Goparupinam

Gokulotsavameeshaanam Govindam Gopikapriyam

I have also created a separate category called ADHIKA MASA in this blog and will keep updating any information / news / programs that are related to and happening in Adhika Masa. Keep watching this space for more updates!! Also this post happened to be the 200th post in this blog and I am glad that we are discussing very sacred Adhika Masa. Thank you readers for your support!!

|| Sri Krishnaarpanamastu ||


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  2. Posted by Poornima on August 1, 2012 at 10:44 pm

    This is really great information, please share what vrutha we have to do in this maasa. again Thanks a ton for providing this..


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    This is a very useful information to mankind. Let such blogs continue in years to come.


  5. Posted by N Pandurengan on August 16, 2012 at 1:20 pm

    Thankq for the 2 line sthothram. Immdtly on seeing this i have written the same in Block letters on a paper and keep it in pooja room to be chanted 33 times daily in Adhika Masa.


  6. Posted by H. Sethu Rao on August 17, 2012 at 3:14 pm

    Hare Srinivasa,
    Very good timely article. My question is Adika Bhadrapad masa – in Krishna pakcha whether we hv to do pakcha (Fathers ceremony) in this adika or not. only nija pakcha masa. pl reply
    H. sethu rao


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  8. […] very auspicious ADHIKA MAASA is just few days away and devotees all over will be busy with their final preparations for the […]


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