Pushyarka Yoga in NANDANA Samvatsara

Hare Srinivasa,

It is very well known to everyone that Sri Gururayaru is very compassionate and will bless us without demanding anything from us. No matter whenever we pray him, we will be granted solace, however, His humble disciple and devotee Sri Appannacharya mentions some particular days to invoke His special blessings. (Pls. refer to the verse “somasooryo parage cha pushya arka adi samagame” in Sri Raghavendra Stotra) These are the days where several auspicious moments confluence together. Hence there is a practice of chanting Sri Raghavendra Stotra for 108 times.

The combination of Pushya Nakshatra on Sunday is considered very auspicious. Chanting Sri RaghavEndra Guru Stotra “ashtOttara shata” i.e. 108 times gives vishesha phala to all individuals.

“SOmasooryOparAgEcha PushyArkAdi samAgamE “

Here is a list of such days in this Nandana Samvatsara.

01-04-2012 Sunday : Pushyaraka Yoga

29-04-2012 Sunday : Pushyaraka Yoga

16-08-2012 Thursday : GuruPushya Yoga

30-12-2012 Sunday : Pushyaraka Yoga

27-01-2013 Sunday : Pushyaraka Yoga

Hence request everyone to do parayana of this sacred and powerful Guru Stotra on the listed days and gain the blessing of Sri Raghavendra guruvantargata, Sree Bhaarati Ramana Mukhyapraanantargata, Sreeman Narayana.

|| Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu ||


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by ANANTHESH SETHUMADHAVA RAO on March 20, 2012 at 8:48 pm

    A humble suggestion from a devotee of Sree Gururajaru.

    The reference to “PUSHYARKA” in the Raghavendra Stothram by Appannacharya is preceded by “SOMA SOORYA UPARAAGE CHA”. It may be noted that Author Appannacharyaa mentions that the Soorya grahana & Chandra grahana & the confluence of PUSHYA & ARKA (Star Pushya on a Sunday) are considered not-so-good but bad time periods when evil forces are at strength.

    During such malefic periods, it is only by the Grace of Gururajaru that we may be able to ward off the evil effects by chanting Sri Raghavendra Stothram. Therefore, as mentioned in the website, the Confluence of Pushya & Arka is not an auspicious time period.


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