Sri Pejavar Swamiji’s gift to Chennai devotees

Pejavar Sri Visvesha Theertha Swamiji to observe NANDANA Samvatsara Chaturmasya Vratha in Chennai!!!

The last day of Saptaaha, 29th Feb was very special not only because this was the Janmadina of Manthralaya Prabhu Sri Raghavendra Swamigalu, but also due to the divine presence of Sri Sri Visvesha Theertha Swamiji of Sri Pejavar Mutt, Udupi for the Samaropa Samarambha. It was a double treat to watch the Samasthana pooja of Pejavar and Palimar swamijis. Then came the main program of the event, 1008 Kalasha Ksheerabhisheka to Rayaru and Prahlada Rajaru. It was a great sight and we were all blessed to watch the grand abhisheka followed by panchamrutha abhisheka by the amruta hasta of our most revered and respected swamiji. Swamiji was always very graceful to the devotees and the people assembled there were already overwhelmed by the turn of events, came the announcement from Swamiji himself that he will be observing his 2012 Chaturmasya Vratha in Chennai.

What an opportunity for us!! The great swamiji has chosen to bless the Chennai devotees and we are all indeed gifted, right?. The forthcoming Nandana samvatsara is going to be a very special year in our spiritual journey for sure. Like we have the two gems from the most sacred Mahabharata in The Bhagavad Gita and Vishnu Sahasranama, we have two auspicious events in this Nandana samvatsara, the holy Adhika Masa and Pejavar Swamiji’s Chaturmasa. What else can one ask for! Even the Adhika masa lasts only for 30 days, but our swamiji is going to be with us for 48 days and whatever sadhane/ sat karya done in his divine presence will certainly earn special anugraha of Madhwaru and Lord Krishna. There need not be any doubt on this.

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At this moment I want to quote what Sri V Prabhanajanachar said two years ago during the Sri Jayatheertharu Aradhana celebrations at Dharmaprakash, Chennai: He said. “Shriman Madhwacharayaru has written one grantha by name Yati Pranava Kalpa, wherein Madhwaru has listed the rules/procedures a Yati/Sanyasi needs to follow every day. For us reading the grantha is same as observing Sri Pejavar Swamiji. One can just follow our swamiji in lieu of reading that grantha, as our great swamiji strictly adheres to what is said by Adi guru Madhwaru“.

It is our fortune and blessings of our forefathers that we live in the same period as Pejavar Sripadaru. The high moral ground Sri Pejawara Srigalu takes on every issue is worth only admiration and highest respect. To quote him in one of the ‘satkara’ held for him, he had said he is interested in 3 Ms: Madhava, Madhwa and Manava!!! Such brilliant summary for everything he has ever stood for. He has balanced the 3 so well, being so socially aware and at the same time never ever compromising on the religious and spiritual duties. A few generations later, we would be counted as blessed to have seen and hear him personally the way today we consider the people who had the good fortune to personally see and listen to Rayuru and Vadirajaru and such great yatis!! So let us all put our hands together and leave no stone unturned in making this Chaturmasa a memorable one and make sure our Gurugalu antargata bharathiramana mukyapranantargata Shri Paramathma is pleased and we get the blessings of all.

|| Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu ||


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    Please let us know dates


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