Saptha Prakara Pradakshina – Srirangam Nov 2011

We are already in Tula Masa and doing snana in Cauvery during this month(Tula) will bring utmost punya as the sacred Ganga is present in Cauvery during this month.

Tathva Vaada

According to Agni Puraanam,
“ShaTShaShTi kOti tIrthAni dvisaptha bhuvanEShu cha.
KEshavasya AjnayA yAnti thulAmAse marudvridhAm”

Cauvery river in Srirangam

Sixty-six crore Holy Waters in all the 14 worlds come to stay in Cauvery in the month of Tula by the Order of Lord Keshava. One may clearly understand the glory of having a dip in the Holy River during this Tula Month by the above assertion.Taking early morning bath in Tula month will absolve one of all sins – committed unintentionally. It is said that a bath in Cauvery during Tula month, a bath in Prayaag during Maagha month, and a dip in Setu during ardhodhayaa period can be possible only as a fruit of penance done in ten million lives. These Holy Baths have the power to remove pancha paatakaas (five major sins that can drag the Soul down in its ascent towards Divine Realization), and can cause liberation to the entire line of ancestors. Those who can afford a trip to a kshetra along the Cauvery should do so and take a bath in the Holy River at least once during this month due to the obvious spiritual benefits that accrue out of that.

Srirangam Rajagopuram

Those who have the good fortune of living along the banks of the Holy River Cauvery should take a dip in that river every day before sunrise (Tula Snanam). Others who are not-so-fortunate may also take an early morning dip in cold water praying to Goddess Cauvery for removal of all sins. Spiritual legends abound about the glory of Tula Snanam. And in order to facilitate the latter ones to visit Srirangam and have the holy snana in the river Cauvery and get the blessings of the Lord Ranganatha Swamy without any hassles, Tamil Tathva Vaada is organizing the annual Saptha Prakara Sabha program in Tula masa from 11th(Fri) to 13th(Sun) of November this year. As most of you are aware, Tathva Vaada organizes the program in a grand manner since the year 2002 wherein  along with the snana and sapta prakara pradakshine, spiritual discourses by revered pundits, dasa gana and bikshe and anugraha bhasana by Pejawar and Palimar swamijis happen every year.

Sri Ranganatha SwamyLike every year, this event is going to be graced by the divine presence of both Pejawar and Palimar Swamijis. The venue for this year event is Sri Sumateendra Kalyana Mantapam, Srirangam. For the first time, QUIZ program on Srirangam Mahatmyam & Sapta Prakara Pradakshina is being planned this year. You can refer to October Tamil Tathva Vaada issue for more details and special articles on this.

All are invited to participate and earn the blessings of Hari Vayu Gurugalu. Your any contribution towards this noble cause is welcome. For more information and specific queries, feel free to reach the organizers at phone  0431-2436502.

Fore more information on the Srirangam Temple and to view more snaps, please click HERE.  To view a detailed report (including detailed description of 7 prakaras) by a devotee on her experience doing Saptha Prakara Pradakshina in the year 2009, please click HERE.

Hare Srinivasa!


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