Markayankottai Rayara Aradhana – 2011

Hare Srinivasa,

Like every year, I was blessed to attend the Rayara Aradhana celebrations this year in Markayankottai village. It was held in a grand manner all the three days. Markayankottai is a small village located around 3 kms from Chinnamanur, which is

on the Dindigul – Cumbum/Kumuli route in Theni district.  

14-Aug : Poorva Aradhana

Though this day was the Gayatri japa day, the milk and panchamrutha abhisheka to rayaru started at the desired time and then came the time for pravachana. We were fortunate to have the great madhwa scholar Sri T S Raghavendran from Coimbatore gracing all of us on day one of the aradhana. Sri Ananda Theerthan, Sri Vittal and Sri Krishnamoorthy spoke 

on Rayaru and time calculation for Bhrama devaru. Then Sri TSR did the pravachana and he highlighted the greatness of Sri  Madhwa Vijaya kavya by narrating one incident wherein one person(non-hindu) was saved from trouble during the 26/11 carnage in Mumbai, just because he was holding Madhwa Vijaya book close to his chest.

Also he emphasised on the greatness of the last 5 shlokas of the Purushotama Yoga of Bhagavad Gita 15th chapter. He advised everyone to recite this just 5 shlokas every day, as these are the heart of Gita and highlghts the doctrines of dvaita philosophy. One who recites this gets the punya of reciting the entire 15th chapter, in turn gets the punya of reciting the entire Bhagavad Gita (700 shlokas) and finally in turn will get merits equalling to one who reads the entire sacred epic The Mahabharatha.

In the evening it was time for Vara pooja of Sri Srinivasa devaru as the Srinivasa Kalyana utsava was scheduled on the Madhya aradhana day every year in Mkottai. Ladies who rushed to the streets to prepare for the procession were in for pleasant surprise, as the rain gods who don’t want to miss out, did their part by pouring rains for some time. So ladies 

directly proceeded with the Rangoli for the procession. Sri Kallapan achar carried the lord all through the Agraharam street before reaching the Mutt to continue the vara pooja and then swasti. As if the weather gods were waiting for the procession to end, it rained very heavily (after a long time) when the swasti session was in progress.

15-Aug : Madhya Aradhana

This is the day many have been waiting for, What an auspicous day, the aradhana of Mantralaya Mahaprabhu Sri Raghavendra Swamigalu. And abhisheka, alankara, kanakabhisheka and rathorsava to Sri Prahalada Rajaru were performed on time. Crowds swelled in and Sri Ramesh Achar from Chennai started the sankalpa for the Srinivasa Kalyana and performed the kalyana utsava. While reciting the Veda mantras, Sri Ramesh achar paused and gave the meanings and anusandhana many times making it an enlightening experience for us. Ladies who assembled in large numbers sang the appropirate Dasara Padagalu during the kalyana and then Sri Visvesa Sriram  spoke in brief about Srinivasa Kalyana. Then Alankar pankthi and teetha prasada followed.

During Swasti session in the evening, Sri Sriram did the anuvaada of Sri Rayara Stotra (Sri Poornabodha..) and Tamil Tathva Vaada Editor Smt. Saraswathy Sripathy gave an wonderful intro lecture on Sri Jagannatha Dasaru’s Sri 


Harikathamruthasara first 4 sandhis. There was a veena recital too. Before Swasti, Rayaru pata was taken in procession through the agraharam street.

16-Aug : Utthara Aradhana

This day happened to be a Tuesday in Shravana masa, the sacred “Mangala Gowri” pooja was observed in all the homes but
the abhisheka and alankara to Rayaru was done at the specified time. The crowds joined in by the time the Alankar pankthi bhramuru was seated. One of the pundits from Chennai gave a short pravachana on Rayaru.

To view more pictures from this Aradhana event, please click on the below link:

Markayankottai Rayara Aradhana Photos 

|| Sri Krishnarpanamastu || 


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