Tapta Mudra Dharana

Hare Srinivasa,

The Sun begins his journey towards the southern hemisphere. It is beginning of ‘Dakshinayana’. It also marks the beginning of the Auspicious Chatur Masa from Ashada Shudda Ekadasi to Karthika Uttana Dwadasi. Sri V Prabhanjanacharya says in his “Sadachara Vinodha“, observing Chatur Masa is mandatory and in terms of Anushtaana, this sacred vrata is similar to observing Ekadasi. That means if you do it, you will get abundant punya and at the same if not done, you will get papa for sure.  

During the upcoming Chatur Masa, all devatas will be busy praying at the feet of Lord Narayana, hence no upanayanam or marriage is performed during these 4 months. In all our celebrations it is our custom to pray and invite the mukodi devatas to seek their blessings. As they all are engaged in the holy act of doing samarpana of their tatva vyana at the holy feet of Vishnu and they would not like to be disturbed by any other things. Hence it is advised not to perfrom upanayanam or marriage during this time. It would not be fruitful.  The first day of the Chatur Masa vrata is a significant day, as it is on this day the devotees are blessed by Yatigalu with the sacred Tapta Mudra, which purifies and also enables one to perform sadhane. Lets look at this anushtaana here. 

Tapta Mudra Dharana is mentioned in Vishnu Ragasya and in Vedas as well. It is also discussed in detail in Ayurveda Shastras. All these shows that it has been in practice for a long long time. It is a fundamental requirement for a Vaishnava.

The wearing of Tapta-mudra- dharana has been explained in various spiritual scriptures like Rigveda, Padma Purana, Mahabharatha etc. It is also mentioned in Sumadva Vijaya that Shri Madacharya also blessed his disciples with this sacred Tapta-mudra-dharana in Chapter 9 of 39th verse.  Later at different times great saints and schloars have explained the importance of  Tapta-mudra- dharana in their scriptures including Shri Vadirajaru  in his  Chakrastuti.

 The Lord reclines on ‘Sesha’.  However we should not go into sleep mode forgetting Him. Thus we mark our body with His symbol – Shankha and Chakra.  It is a vaideeka ritual. Vaishnava ritual. Cleansing process. It is said that during Mahabharata war ‘Tapta Mudra Dharana’ was done for the soldiers. 

It is a reminder of ‘Bhakthi to Lord Vishnu’.

The mantras which are chanted while doing ‘Mudhradharana’ bless us – let the glow of ‘Sudharashana’ remove all our ignorance and the sound of ‘Paanchanjanya shankha’ destroy all our accumulated sins and lead us in the path of ‘Vishnu marga’.


The significance of this act is – The ‘jnanagni’ (light of knowledge) obtained from ‘ Shaastras’ should sever the darkness of ignorance and the ‘omkaara naada (sound) from the shankha should enlighten us bestowing ‘jnana bhakthi and vairaghya’. One should get the ‘Mudra dharana’ done with this attitute. It will give the key to open the doors of ‘Moksha’.  On the contrary if a person fails to wear it then all of his meritorious deeds will go to waste. This demonstrates the great importance that is given to taptamudra.

Thus by getting ‘ Mudhradharana’ done let us obtain the grace of ‘Sesha saaye Mahavishnu’ and prepare ourselves to be soaked in the bliss of Moksha.

Pleasae click on the below link to listen to the pravachana by Sri Sri Satyatma Theertha Swamiji on Tapta Mudra Dharana Mahime.  

Tapta Mudradharana Mahime Sri Satyatma Theertharu 

To listen to Mysore Sri B N Vijayeendracharya’s inspiring pravachana on the significance of Chatur Masya mahima and Tapta Mudra Dharana, please click on the following link :

Chaturmasyada Mahatwa – Sri B N Vijayeendracharya   


||  Sri Krishnaarpanamastu  ||


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  1. Posted by Prashant on July 11, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    maahitigaagi dhanyavaada


  2. where can i get this mudra from ?? i am in new delhi . can anyone send this mudra set with goi chandanam ?? i can pay the charges … hari hari 🙂
    mail me at
    s a n v v d @ y a h o o (dot). c o m

    v a r 1 0 0 8 @ g m a i l . c o m


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  5. Posted by Niranjan on July 14, 2016 at 6:52 am

    Thanks acharyare


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