32nd Year Veda Vidya Gurukulam, Srirangam – 2011

Hare Srinivasa,

Sri Jateertha, Sri Ragothama, Sri Raghavendra Swamigalu

As you all know, Sri Devara Nama Bhajana Sangha is conducting the Gurukulam (summer camp for children) classes every year in Srirangam under the guidance and leadership of Sri Srimushnam V Nagarajachar. Like last year, the Gurukulam was conducted at R N Rao Memorial Hall on the Puli Mandapam Road, popularly known as the “Three Mutt” and around 70 students were present this year.  This is where the Mrithiika Brindavana of Sri Jayateertha, Sri Ragothama and Sri Raghavendra yatigalu can be found in one place. The classes started on 21-Apr-11 and ended on 06-May-11. I got an opportunity this year to watch the happenings closely in the 32nd Year Veda Vidya Gurukulam. It was a great experience and feeling to see how it all unfolds.

Three Mutt

The day starts very early by 04.30 AM when the children wake up and after Snaana and Sandyavandana, the first class of the day starts by 6 AM sharp with the students of all the years sit together and chant the sukthas. Most of the students are from different cities and one child came all along from Hyderabad. They have the option of staying in the Gurukulam campus itself. After the first session, the children break for the morning palahara and milk and separate classes starts then. Again all the students get together for Swasti in the evening after completing their sayam Sandyavandana. They were also taught couple of Dasara Padagalu during the Swasti session.

Sri Srimushnam Nagarajachar


Sri Nagarajachar and his dedicated team are doing a great job to our society by their selfless work and great effort they put in to ensure the students are taught the basics of our significant Madhwa philosophy and mantras and anushtanaas. They have roped in Adhyapaks from everywhere and that included Sri Agnihotri Ramakrishnachar of Mantralayam Vidyapeeta, Sri Ramakrishnachar  &  Sri Gopi Achar from Triplicane. Also Sri Agnihotri Parasumachar of Sirugumani has sent his disciples to take classes for the Gurukulam students. You all will appreciate how difficult it is to manage children for 15 days and they have taken care of everything from providing the medicines if required and by providing play kits like bat and ball to the children to keep them motivated. They ensured that individual attention is provided to every student both on and off-the class. Devara Pooja class(Theory and Practical) was part of the I year syllabus and it was a superb sight to see all the children sit together and perform Saligrama pooja simultaneously as guided by Sri Gopi Achar.

Sri Ramakrishnachar of Mantralayam Vidyapeeta


Sri Gopi Achar and Faculty team

On the auspicious Akshaya Tritiya day, the valedictory function was held and all the students were given their Certificates for completing the camp successfully by Sri Nagarajachar. During his speech, Achar emphasised how gifted

Saligrama Pooja by I year students


are the children for having got the opportunity to be there and learn quite a few stotras and mantras at such an early age. The only request from the organizers to the students is to make sure to practice whatever they learnt in the Gurukulam through the year at their homes, so that when they come back next year, they can proceed to next level.

Please click on the link below to view some photos from this event.

Gurukulam Photo Album


If you need any more details, you may please contact at the following number/email address:

Hony Secretary : Sri V Nagarajachar.

Sri Devara Nama Bajana Sangha, Srirangam.

Email:   vedavidya.gurukulam@gmail.com

Ph:   88707 80514.  

||   Shri Krishnaarpanamastu   ||


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by raghavendran.R on November 11, 2012 at 10:26 am

    I am one of the student from the great Gurukulam for which I am always proud
    and thank ful to my GURU Sri Nagarajachar always.


  2. Posted by Lalitha Raja. on November 20, 2013 at 10:07 pm

    I would like to invite them to my house to chant vedham and would like to honor them. Will they accept my invitation? If so, please let me know kuvathe@gmail.com.



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