Ekadasi days in KHARA Samvatsara

Hare Srinivasa,

Best Wishes to all on the occasion of UGADI.

May the new Khara Nama Samvatsara bring to you Success and Happiness in everything you do and all your dreams come true.

Let us take a moment to introspect the Sadhana actvities we did in the Vikruti samvatsara and make a resolve to do it better in the new year. As we are entering a new year, a new opportunity given by God to pray, mediate  and serve Him, I am highlighting the important days that we need to take note of and be prepared:

First and foremost, the most sacred and very powerful, “Ekadasi, the Haridina“.

among Mathas, it is Madhwa matha that is supreme,

among Puranas, Bhagavatha Purana gets the top honors,

and needless to say among gurus, there is only one Jagadguru, our Shri Madwacharyaru,

and  when it comes to Vratas, it is the most sacred Ekadasi Vrata.

As Sri Prabhanjanachar used to emphasize the merits of Ekadasi in his every lecture, there is no other vrata that is even equal to this Ekadasi, forget about something that is superior to this. Unlike other anushtanas, there is no IF in Ekadasi and it is a MUST DO for everyone from 8 to 80 years. Only if we observe the fasting on Ekadasi, all our other spiritual acts like pooja, parayana etc will bear fruits.

Here are the dates(as per Mantralayam Rayar Mutt) and let us make a vow to observe this holy day as said in Srimadhacharyaru’s Sri Krishnamrutha Maharnava.

Ekadasi days in KHARA Samvastara:

Apr(14,29) May(14,28) Jun(12,27)

Jul(11,26) Aug(09,25) Sep(08,23)

Oct(07,23) Nov(06,21) Dec(06,21)


Jan(05,19) Feb(03,18) Mar(04,18).

||   Shri Krishnaarpanamastu   ||


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