Train Schedule

The attached Excel sheet has the Train Timings and Schedule for all the Trains originating from Chennai Central and Egmore stations. The timings are up-to-date. Please click on the link below:

Train Schedule Spreadsheet

Just in case if the above link didn’t work, copy the link below and paste it on your browser address bar to proceed.

When prompted, download the Excel to your PC and view it. There is a Master List sheet which has the popular train codes and train numbers for most of the popular trains from Egmore and Central stations, with hyper-links to the Train Schedule sheet. Please click on the Train Name to view the detailed schedule. Once done, clicking on the Home icon on the top[M1 Cell] will take you back to Master List.


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  1. Posted by venkat raghavendran on February 10, 2012 at 11:25 pm

    For those bhaktas who wish to travel on road by bus from chennai to tirukoviloor (moola brindavana of raghootama guru and satyapramoda teertharu) pls find the updated (as on feb 1 , 2012) bus departure timings from koyambedu bus station , chennai

    00:10 , 06:50 , 10:15 , 11:55 , 12:35 , 13:25 , 14:25 , 15:20 , 19:05 , 21:10 , 22:30 , 23:30


  2. Thanks Venkat for posting the bus timings for Tirukoilur kshetra. Indeed information about Tkoilur is off-repeated search term by the devotees.


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